About ACF Custom Database Table

What is ACF Custom Database Table? like what?

ACF Custom Database Table is one of the WordPress plugins as well as an addition to the ACF plugin, this plugin functions to make the database structure created by ACF neater and more flexible.

About ACF Custom Database Table

ACF Custom Database Table is one of the products released by Hookturn.io, besides ACF Custom Database hookturn.io also released other products such as ACF Theme Code Pro and Advanced Forms Pro

Basically ACF creates database storage in the wp_postmeta table, but due to its less flexible structure, ACF Custom Database Table finally creates a new, more flexible table.

The plugin helps you to store your Advanced Custom Fields data in a greatly structured custom database tables to create a faster querying database, and even easy export data.

Features in the Hookturn ACF Custom Database Tables

ACF Database table brings a lot of features, and this will always be added

Hookturn ACF Custom Database Tables make the database structure more organized and more flexible, they offer many features, this plugin really helps you to process the database to make it tidier

The following are the features in the ACF Custom database table:

  • The simple UI means you don’t need settings and enter database settings, you can just set up via the ACF settings as usual
  • Stores ACF value fields with custom table columns and with custom data types
  • Easy efficient data type setting and control
  • Bypass core meta tables globally or for specific fields only
  • Relational fields can form their own tables for SQL join queries. very efficient and structured
  • Store repeater field data in normalized, structured tables of their own.

For now ACF custom database table supports:

Repeater Date Picker
Text Time Picker
Textarea Date/Time Picker
Number Button Group
Range Gallery
Email Checkbox
URL Relationship
Password Google Map
WYSIWYG Post Object
oEmbed Page Link
Image Select
File User
Radio Link
True/False Taxonomy
Color Picker  

For further development on the official website, the ACF custom database table will support flexible content, this is something very interesting, considering that this type of field is widely used by WordPress users.

Database structure

ACF Database Table offers a database structure that you can manage easily

The database structure in wp_postmeta is generally stored separately, meaning that each key and value is not stored in the same row, for example you have 2 metas, for example price and brand then it will be stored in a different row

For more details, see the following table:

id post_id meta_key meta_value
13 209 price $14
14 209 brand Hookturn.io

so you will be created a different row each time you create a new meta.

The ACF custom database table is different, the meta values will be stored in a different table, this makes it easier and more flexible in terms of queries, and is more optimal in terms of database structure.

The following is an example when we use the ACF custom database table

id post_id price brand
1 209 $14 Hookturn.io

Benefits of using ACF Database Tables

there are various benefits that you can get when using ACF custom database table, as:

  1. Scalability
    Queries and calls are faster without experiencing a lot of computation
  2. Portability
    You can easily export tables that you have customized
  3. Searchability
    With a structured database, you can easily search for data, simply by using SQL
  4. Speed
    Of course it really feels, if you use the ACF custom database table, it will be faster because it is directly directed to the target without the need to process the data first


FAQ about ACF database table

Here are some frequently asked questions about the ACF database table

How to install ACF database table?

Installing the ACF database table in WordPress is quite easy and simple

it’s quite easy, you only need to buy the license on the official website, just once and you can enjoy it well without a minimal website, get the license, download it on the official website, then upload it to your wordpress plugin

Can it be installed in a custom post type?

Of course you can, very suitable for special posts, to store meta data to be more structured

Does the ACF database table have much effect?

talking about this, the ACF Custom Database Table is very influential, especially when you use select queries, because the process is so fast and the database tables are more structured


The Hookturn ACF Custom Database Tables has a lot of features that we can take advantage of, it might feel confusing if it is used by people who have never known about databases, but programmers and backend developers will definitely feel a significant difference.

Hookturn ACF Custom Database Tables is able to make the database structure according to what is expected, so you can be sure that processes such as SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE are also faster and more flexible.

Anyone can use this plugin, at an affordable price, you only need to buy 1x and you can enjoy it forever and with an unlimited number of installs, this plugin is perfect for tidying up your wp_postmeta table.


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