BizzThemes Review

BizzThemes provides you with fully customized and top-quality SEO themes and plugins to optimize business on the WordPress Platform.

BizzThemes Review
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It’s a highly-rated professional WordPress theme developer that has been in this field since 2009. Even the brand proudly claims that it’s gained stronger every year with new inspirations and versions.

A big nice move BizzThemes made at this time is the future plan for a new version of its website, which will become soon, as stated on their website’s homepage.

The only social media we found this brand use is Twitter, with a total of 952 followers; relatively small, but it will be bigger as time goes on.

We see that BizzThemes, with its WordPress themes and plugins, is worth it to take into your consideration. And this BizzThemes Review shows you the reason along with revealing what it offers to you. Stay with us!

Why BizzThemes?

One thing that might come to your mind; Why I should choose BizzThemes?

As a professional theme developer, BizzThemes always provides top-quality and the best SEO-optimized themes and plugins to build your business website.

Anyway, customer satisfaction is this brand’s most priority, then there’s no reason not to try this brand’s themes and plugins.

We point out some essential things to give you brief insights about BizzThemes.

BizzThemes Highlights

  • Specialized on WordPress themes and plugins for business purpose
  • Advanced SEO structure themes and plugins
  • Simplified theme options
  • Great customer support

What's On BizzThemes

Since it focuses on developing WordPress themes and plugins for business purposes, BizzThemes provides you with top-quality and SEO-optimized stuff to help increase your website.

BizzThemes Offers

And this BizzThemes review will discuss those two offers in our in-depth review, which you can find below.

BizzThemes WordPress Business Themes Review

A dozen BizzThemes theme collections are offered, allowing you to find the perfect one to use. It has about 13 themes that differentiate by categories.

BizzThemes WordPress Business Themes Review
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BizzThemes Theme Categories

Tattoo Shop Responsive
Destino Hair Care Salon
Taverna Nail Care Salon
Company Firma
Simple Store Tanjun
Bizz Store Law Firm
Car Hire  

To show how great those themes work, we have a Tattoo Shop theme as an example.

This theme is specially built for all tattoo artists who want to create their tattoo shop website. No need to worry, BizzThemes claims that your customers will find your shop as a user-friendly online site that they love to visit.

Oh, this theme is an integrated WooCommerce plugin that allows you to show the artists’ profiles, the merchandise, and the plugin for appointment scheduling.

What’s more, you can also provide the artist’s Instagram galleries and typography. At $59 price, you can get this exciting theme to show up in your tattoo shop. And with $99, you can get the additional WC appointments.

BizzThemes WordPress Plugins Review

The BizzThemes plugin has 3 available collections you can buy as needed. All of them are truly beneficial for your business website.

BizzThemes WordPress Plugins Review
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WooCommerce Appointments

An appointment plugin perfect to use for your business that needs to take an appointment, request payments, or confirmations. It includes an organized calendar and advanced notifications and reminders.

What you will get:

  • Manually add bookings
  • Flexible email notifications
  • Calendar administration
  • Request confirmation

Menu Replacement

The menu replacement is for everyone who wants to create a more customizable website, as it allows you to create a different menu on each of your website pages.

Basically, WordPress provides a default menu configuration, but it’ll be set the same for all pages. Thus, this plugin is a way to replace the menus per page, post, or category as you need.

Try this plugin to highlight each of your pages with customized menus is a great choice.

Widget Visibility Pro

Just like the menu replacement, this plugin is for customizing your widget on specific pages. Yups, it helps you to show and hide the default widgets on WordPress.

What’s more, it also allows you to control the widget’s visibility on your WooCommerce pages.

BizzThemes Pricing

How Much Does BizzThemes Cost?

The BizzThemes pricing varies based on what you buy. Here, we give you the price range that you can use to prepare your budget for purchasing what you need.

  • Themes: $49$199 with the different benefits you can choose
  • Plugin
    • WooCommerce Appointments: $89
    • Menu Replacement: Ask the brand first
    • Widget Visibility Pro: Ask the brand first

Oh, the good news is that there are discount codes that you can use to get the best price on your purchase.

BizzThemes Pros & Cons

It will be completed if you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the brand you will purchase. Thus, in this section, we give you the BizzThemes Pros & Cons you need to know.

BizzThemes Pros

  • Incredible price point
  • SEO-optimized plugins and themes
  • Nice interface usability

BizzThemes Cons

  • Limited themes collection

Is BizzThemes Worth It?

Well, one of the reasons why BizzThemes themes and plugins are worth it on your purchase list is the SEO-optimized feature it carries. With that feature, it means that your business website is getting easier to founded by customers, and sure, it increases your business income.

Is BizzThemes Worth It?
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What’s more, the price point is equal to how great the themes and plugins are in optimizing your business website on the WordPress platform.

Is BizzThemes Legit?

BizzThemes ensures the legitimacy of its themes and plugins with the GPL, Version 3, 29 June 2007 license.

Is BizzThemes Legit?
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This license allows you to get lifetime usage for all things you buy from BizzThemes. Also, you can do anything you want with the products.

Thus, with the license, we think that it’s more than enough to say that BizzThemes is legit. And you don’t need to worry about buying the products here.

BizzThemes Customer Service

As per we write this review, we found that the BizzThemes customer service is moving to, a new site by the shop that focuses only on appointment booking BizzThemes products.

There, you have to complete the form they provided, such as your purpose in contacting them, name, email, and message.

Or, you can contact the team directly in one of these ways:

Where To Access BizzThemes

At this time, you can only access BizzThemes on its official site to buy WordPress business themes and plugins.

But, the brand claims they will be moving into the BookingWp site for the next operation.


Well said; having a good business website is one of a way to increase your customer numbers. And the BizzThemes appearances are all you need.

This WordPress theme developer provides various options to choose from as well as excellent plugins to improve your business website.

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