Cloudways Reviews

What Does The Company Do?

Unlike traditional web hosts, CloudWays offers dedicated cloud-based hosts for their customers. You can choose between different hosts that suits your need best.

Cloudways Reviews
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Having Cloudways means saving yourself time from choosing the wrong host. You can use Cloudways to access and try different cloud hosts before making any verdict.

Cloudways allows you to migrate from your previous website or start a new one. However, you will need to have a brief understanding to know which cloud host to choose and what you want from a website. But if you don’t, you can rely on their customer service to help you.

Protip: You can pull any Cloudways review on trust plus, and you will see they praise their always-available helpers.

Why Cloudways?

The primary reason is that they make website building much easier for you. They offer several notable hosts such as Linode, Google Cloud Engine, and Amazon Web Server.

This way, you don’t have to sign up for individual hosts and have multiple accounts. Cloudways help you to manage your website seamlessly. You also can switch between hosts easily.

Cloudways Highlights

  • Multiple server hosts
  • Affiliate Program
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free trial period
  • Up to 100% uptime with 0,5 seconds loading speed

As of now, the brand is already featured at the University of Cambridge, Khaleej Times, Snoop Dogg,, and the University of Oxford.

Not to mention their followers, they gain a lot of attention among their users worldwide. They already boast 30k followers on their Facebook page alone! What an amazing service that is trusted by 80k agencies, developers, and businesses.

Curious to know more? Let this Cloudways Review gives you in-depth information just below. Continue to read!

What's on Cloudways

Essentially, Cloudways offers new cloud hosting services where you sign up with a platform instead of directly with the hosts.

What's on Cloudways
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As a platform, Cloudways provides the connection to the hosting servers and more.

You have the capability of building the website that you like and using any app that you like. Whether it’s a simple informative website on WordPress or an e-commerce one, Cloudways can make it happen.

One notable thing that you can find in any Cloudways review is that you can rely on their speed and security.

Cloudways Pricing

One thing to remember about Cloudways pricing is that they differ based on the hosts. For example, high-frequency Vultr may be the most price-efficient compared to Amazon Web Service with the same capabilities.

Most hosts offer their starting price at under $20/month. You also can compare them for the hourly rates to know which will be the most cost-efficient of all.

This hourly rate is important to know since Cloudways charge you per hour. Therefore, you can switch to any server and plans easily and seamlessly anytime you want.

How Does Cloudways Work?

Cloudways is helping you as the customer to choose the best host for your website without any hassle. You will only need to choose between several servers to host the website.

Don’t know their differences? No worries, as Cloudways, provide the information in the simplest, and easy to read way.

As a platform, Cloudways allows you to have the best website in performance and storage. It’s easy to scale your website up or down based on your needs.

They also offer unlimited website hosting on a single server. You can sign up with multiple servers to test their products. But the best thing is that you can have a free seven days trial.

Cloudways provide SSD-based storage to ensure high performance. And with the Cloudflare Premium CDN, you can get extra protection for your website from DDOS and other cyber attacks.

They also come with pre-installed plugins to meet your website needs.

What is CloudWays Affiliate Program?

Cloudways offers a way for you to sign up and earn money from your website. In their affiliate program, you can earn up to $18,000 from promoting Cloudways services and the affiliated host such as Google Engine or AWS. Keep in mind that different host means different earning.

You can also choose between the hybrid affiliation or the slab system to manage your expectations and result. Needless to say, this is an attractive deal that any blogger shouldn’t miss.

Cloudways Pros and Cons

A Cloudways review won’t be complete without listing their pros and cons. Being a new generation of web hosts, you need this list to know more about what they offer.


  • Multiple Host Services
  • One week free trial
  • Cloudflare protection
  • Easy and Swift Integration
  • Attractive Affiliate Program


  • Users have prior experience with website

Cloudways vs Siteground

A Cloudways review compared them with SiteGround. Both websites offer similar services.

However, Cloudways offers higher speed optimization. Therefore, downtime is virtually non-existent. An internal review in Cloudways highlights the speed and downtime period as the reason why customers are looking for new or other hosts.

It’s worth noting that Cloudways offers a holistic service for all types of customers. Whether you’re building a hobby website, an online portfolio, or even an e-commerce site, Cloudways can make it happen.

CloudWays vs WPEngine

One Cloudways review strictly compares their service with WPEngine. The primary difference is Cloudways allows you to choose the server for your website.

One thing that you can’t do on WPEngine. This host is mainly popular among WordPress-based websites.

Unfortunately, you may have difficulties scaling your website or improving any of your services. That is why, Cloudways choose to be transparent on the pricing and what’s going on with your website.

And since you can see which servers give the best performance based on your needs, you can choose the server and enjoy the best speed optimization.

Is Cloudways Worth It?

With the brand’s service that gives fast, simple, reliable, and so many extensive features, we can safely consider that Cloudways is truly worth it for your service!

Is Cloudways Worth It?
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You will not deny their power of managed cloud hosting, which will save you a lot of money! What’s more, it’s super perfect for those that don’t have time to manage their cloud hosting alone. Let this only simple and reliable cloud hosting do the job, and you can do anything that’s more important to you.

The good thing is that if you still have a doubt about whether to use this service, just don’t worry because this brand will give you a 3-day trial without a credit card. It means that you can try lots of features that the brand has to offer FOR FREE.¬†What else could we ask for?

Cloudways Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

It’s understandable if you may still need more proof as to whether this brand is really worth it for your consideration. So in this section, we provide you with customer reviews to convince you more about their services. Without further ado, let’s hear from them all.

Cloudways Customer Reviews
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Here’s why the brand has a lot of attention from their users.

One verified user gives his comment about the service:

Gamechanger‚Ķ it is entirely improve my ability to service my clients right. I also extremely love their support staff as they’re super knowledgeable. Not only that but also the platform provides all the scalability and flexibility.

Another one that raves the same tone but more appraisal:

I really love the the simple dashboard that manageable. It is also combined with the amazing chat 24/7 support. It reduces costs for my outsourced server ops services.

One loyal user that has already been using the service from the brand for a long time ago:

I extremely love with the Cloudways that has made cloud hosting available to non-technical IT people like me. And my new website was up and it was already running only in a few hours.

There are still plenty of reasons why they love the services and keep recommending the brand. But with the top 3 comments that you already know, surely it will give you the confidence to use the service along with them too.

Cloudways Customer Service

You can directly contact their customer service team by filling in the contact form. They’ll respond to your inquiries within 24 hours. It’s their commitment to support you with their services, so don’t hesitate to reach them whenever you need to.

Where To Buy Cloudways

Since they’re an online service, they are only open to cooperation with you on their official website. There, you can choose any plans that meet your budget. Of course, the better plan you choose, the better features you will get. Navigate to their website to check it!


The only downside of using Cloudways is that you need to have a basic knowledge of the matter. But that shouldn’t be a problem since you also can use their learning tools.

An easy user interface also can help you set up or migrate your website. And if you want to, you can always sign up with their affiliate program to earn more from referencing people to Cloudways.

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