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14 Rules for Designing a best Logo (for beginners)


Designing a best logo for a company is not easy as we think. We need to know some rules and some experience and of-course good color choice. As we all know that logo is the main identity of a company so it has to unique, simple and memorable.
Today I am showing a list of some rules of designing a great logo, hope you will find this useful.


Before starting a logo we need a brief about the company. Ask the different question from clients about what kind of logo they want etc. Here you will find that What a Designer need to ask from Client to Start a good logo?


For ideas you need a paper and a pencil. Sketch out your ideas on the paper and then make it on computer. Its the real way to create a best and simple logo.


Do not use more than three colors in your logo design otherwise it will look complicated and will also create a bad image on the clients. You can ask to the clients about the colors that what kind of colors they want.

Get rid of unnecessary things:

When designing a logo you don’t have to use anything unnecessary which is not related to logo design. For example if you are designing a logo for a shoes company then you have to add elements related to shoes not fruits or something else.


the logo type must be easy to read. Sometime people use the font that is very difficult to read and people don’t understand the company name, so they ignore. Always provide easy to read text that everybody can understand what has written. Some examples are below


The logo must be unique, it has to simple and unique that anybody can understand its meaning and we can use it on any product easily. Make sure that logo should be recognizable when resize.


Do not copy the logo from others. Combining elements from popular logos and claim them your own original work is very bad approach. Design a logo that always appeal the right image.

Clip art:

Do not use clip art in your design. Be original and create your own elements of the logo. If sometime you use any clip art element let the client know about that, you will be appreciated but my advice is not to use clip art.

Black & White colors:

With the other colors it has look good in white and black colors. Sometime logo has to use on those things where it need to stay in mono color. So try to make a logo which looks good in black and white colors.


The logo must have some connection that what are you representing. It has to related to the brief and company details.

Presentation & fonts:

Do not use more the two fonts in the design. It is not a professional approach if you are using several fonts in a single logo. The logo will look complicated and not recognizable. Always surprise the customers with the presentation, it will help you and client will take his decision soon by see your best presentation. The logo should not be distracting.


Each element of the logo has to be well aligned, do it perfect in left, right, top, bottom or center. The logo should look bold and classy with no any extra elements. And always do not use any effect like drop shadow, blur etc. It will surely create a problem for you. Keep the design simple, big companies like simple logo designs. It should be well balanced visually.


Your design has to applicable for any platform like website, t-shirts, stationary and other print work. Create more variations of the logo the more you create the more you get it right.


Logo should be easy to describe and have to look good in stand alone. Do not use tagline in the logo. Sometime clients demand for the tagline, but using a tagline for logo is like to make busy logo. Do not make busy logo.

I hope you will find this article useful. Let me know what do you think about these points by commenting on this topic. Share it with your friend and other designers. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter and subscribe our feeds for latest article.
Thanks to LogobNeed, Graphic Drum & Shewa for the logos as examples for other designers.

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    Actually, it is best to first design the logo in black and white. This way, you not only ensure that it will work in black and white (or grayscale) but also choosing a logo won’t be influenced by color.

    For instance, if your client secretly likes blue, you design a blue logo and a red one. Even if the red one is the better choice for the COMPANY, the client may want to go with the blue one (without even realizing it). Once a black and white logo has been selected, then incorporate colors (best for the company and not the individual unless you’re branding the individual).

    Just my 2 cents and 2 years experience in competitive, professional branding.

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