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Why Is Recruitment Such A Hassle?


Why Is Recruitment Such A Hassle?

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Every business needs motivated, hard working employees. Even the smallest business can’t really survive in the hands of just one person. You might have the most incredible business idea or vision, but unless you have people who can help you turn it into a reality, it’s never going to be more than that. Employees are the lifeblood of any good business and that’s part of the reason recruitment can be such a pain! You don’t want to settle for just anyone, so you inevitably spend hours searching through hundreds of applications separating the ones that actually have a chance from the pile, then narrowing that list down even further. By the time you’re conducting interviews, you’re exhausted. Of course, recruitment is so important that you can’t just avoid it. Instead, here are some of the reasons that you might be finding it such a hassle, and how you can fix that.

Your job ad isn’t specific enough

This is something that a lot of companies really do only put the bare minimum of effort into. They assume that, because they know what they want, potential applicants will as well. This leads them to create generic, uninformative ads that leave applicants with little to no idea of things like what your business’s guiding principles are, or what it is that you really want from an employee beyond qualifications. Let your ad show off some of your company’s personality, make it specific. Lay out incredibly clearly what kind of person you’re looking for. That way you’ll be able to avoid too many applications from people who are completely unsuited to the job but also you’ll be much more likely to get the attention of the right people.

You’re stuck in the past

The modern business world is all about progress, and your recruitment process is no different. You should be willing to use modern technology to improve every aspect of your recruitment. From using online job sites to post vacancies, to using things like social media to get more information on candidates, technology has done for recruitment exactly the same as what it’s done for plenty of other parts of your business. Even the later stages of your recruitment process can be helped by technology. Drawing up contracts for new employees can be both complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, you have access to things like full-featured contract drafting, tracking, and reporting with Exari’s management software. This kind of technology allows you to generate the most accurate, detailed contracts, without having to spend hours poring over piles of paperwork.

You’re asking the wrong questions

When it comes time to interview a candidate, the last thing you want to do is make the same mistake as with your advertising. Don’t just ask the same generic questions over and over. Think about them carefully, not only will you be able to get a better sense of how a candidate would fit in your business, but they’re that much less likely to have heard the question before, meaning that you’re going to get a much more honest answer.

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