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How Universities Are Making The Most Of Technology


How Universities Are Making The Most Of Technology

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It has long been the case that Universities and the world of technology have a close-knit and tightly interwoven existence. However, you might not be aware of just how many ways in which a University might try to make the most of the various technological solutions which are available. The truth is, any higher education institution needs to focus at least in part on using the latest tech in a powerful way, as this very often makes a considerable difference to the quality of the education and the success of the institution. In this post, we are going to look at some of the popular and effective ways in which higher education schools are making good use of the latest technology.

Campus Safety

All Universities need to have a strong focus on keeping their students safe and secure around campus. But achieving this is often much easier said than done; there is only a certain amount that anyone can do towards keeping a large group of students safe at all times. However, there is one solution which seems to be gaining a lot of popularity over recent years, and it is easy to see why. Using smartphone apps, in particular one known as GuardianSentral, students can send signals to the local police, the campus security team, and other relevant authorities if they feel threatened or there is otherwise some kind of problem going on. There are also other options to the app, including the ‘follow me’ option, which tracks students safely so that everyone is kept as safe as possible. See for more on this app. As ever, the distinction between safety and privacy might be getting a little blurred here, but many Universities are discovering that it is worthwhile anyway.

Manage Student Progress

Of course, one of the University’s main concerns should always be the actual educational progress of the students. This is another area where the latest technology can really help to deliver lasting results. Using something like the tech found at, schools can now make much lighter work of the task of tracking student progress and analysing where they might see room for improvement. A University which has a keen focus on improving this area of its function is one which is likely to be respected and to achieve great things, so clearly this is really important.

How Universities Are Making The Most Of Technology

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Online Learning

There is no reason that such institutions should not be using the Internet to help carry out learning either. Online learning is now easier than ever, but as well as making things easier for the students, it also means that any University can also begin to teach people who are on the other side of the world. Websites like Coursera offer Universities the opportunity to deliver their courses online around the world. What’s more, many of them are completely free of charge, meaning that people all over the world now have access to a great number of free learning schedules. And that is a very powerful thing indeed.

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