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Turn Your Home-Build Vision into a Vision for All to See


If you want to make a big impression with your next home, why not go the whole hog and build it yourself? There is no bigger way of making the impression of your home come with an automatic ‘wow factor’ than being able to say that you built it, literally, from the ground up. All of those that step foot in it are guaranteed to be taken aback by the fact that the home that they standing in is the brain-child of their friend, family member or even business associate. If this sounds like a tantalising situation that you want to experience, then why delay? Start you big build dream today!

First of all you should be aware that there is a basic timeline that you should seek to adhere to at all times when it comes to building your own home, and some of the points on it can become quite extensive at times. The first port of call on this timeline for any of you would-be home builders out there is, of course, finding the perfect plot of land on which to plant your (metaphorical) flag. Online resources, such as LandWatch, mean that this is now a task that is easier than it ever has been but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take to visiting the plot of land that you propose to build on in person. You should always make sure to check out the land in real life for a number of reasons; these include: to make sure it looks as perfect to you in person as it did on your computer screen and to make initial contact with those already in the area, just to make sure that you are on the same page right off the bat in regards to the build.

Turn Your Home-Build Vision into a Vision for All to See

Find a plot

The second stage on the timeline is when it gets bit more formal, and sometimes slightly tedious: now you have to take to taking care of the formalities and procedures that are legally required in this sort of venture. For instance, you need to get a mortgage when building your own home, and not just any mortgage as standard ones aren’t necessary or even accepted for self-builds. Standard mortgages that are sought for conventional home environments aren’t a viable option when it comes to building your own home as the lender of the mortgage won’t want to give money away to something the doesn’t even exist; this is why constructional loans should instead be what you seek. And as well as seeking a suitable mortgage you must also seek the necessary legal consents, such as planning permission and building control approval, required for self-builds. Not doing so will mean that you are breaking the law and is a sure fire way to kill your self-build dream even before it has begun.

But once you do make sure everything is legally in order, then that’s when the fun can begin. Now it’s time to lay the groundworks and start planning the design of your home; floor plan software is another technological advance in this day and age that has meant that self-building is easier than it ever has been in the past. This kind of software makes it easy for those who are self-building to design the layout of their home, from the walls to the windows and even to whole rooms, even when they have no previous experiences in the world of architecture. When this is all sorted, it’s time to start erecting the home itself; at this stage it is advised that you seek professional assistance or if you are determined to go it alone, then it is advised that you take some sort of course on design and construction prior to starting. And once the shell of the home is completed you can finally let the budding interior designer within you break free. Your home is now a blank canvas just waiting for you to colour it in and bring it to life; you should be sure to make this first renovation of your home a memorable one by bringing in a whole host of modern furnishings to match the modern home you’ve built, but you should also retain your own sense of style.

Turn Your Home-Build Vision into a Vision for All to See

Have fun with your floor plan

However, you can also seek help from professional home builders too in your bid to build a home— and no, that’s not admitting defeat. Whether you point blank believe you wouldn’t be up the task of building a home or have already started but have quickly realised it is harder than you expected it to be, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Not everybody is blessed with the ability to design, not everybody has hands that are fit for nitty gritty work, and not everybody has the patience or the knowhow to deal with all the financial matters at play — this is why you should ask those that are capable of these things, if you aren’t, if you have a big build itch that needs scratching. Residential building companies such as Vision One Homes, for instance, offer building solutions for all those that need help with their build. They assist in personalising a home design in a way that suits your lifestyle, the building of the home, finding finance options and also the finding of the perfect block of land to begin with. So, if you want to build a home, but don’t believe you have what it takes to do so, and it takes a lot, then you should most certainly never be tentative when it comes to asking for assistance.

So, if you think that you’re up to the task of following the stages in this timeline above then go ahead and make your self-build home vision more than just a vision in your mind, make it a vision for all to see! But if you don’t think you’re the type of person that could get the most out of a self-build and turn your vision into what it deserves to be turned into, then fear not as there are always services out there to help!

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