Tomorrow’s Top Careers: Preparing For The Problems Of The Future


Tomorrow’s Top Careers: Preparing For The Problems Of The Future

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How can you make sure your career will be still there in the future? With digital technology constantly advancing, many jobs are thought to disappear in years to come. However, not all problems are thought to be solved by technology in the future. In fact, new problems are certain to appear. These future problems will require manpower to work out a solution through them. Here are just a few of the tomorrow’s problems that are already being looked into and thought to be a valuable place to carve a career path.

Continuing climate change

We’ve already started moving towards sustainable energy, but a full transition will require more sustainable energy sources and more manpower to build and supply these. More investors are putting their money behind green industries. Getting involved now in such a trade could result in a stable and well paid career. Qualifications are likely to vary wildly. Getting involved in huge projects may require an engineering degree, whist a trade such as installing solar panels requires only a week’s training course.

An aging population

Gerontology is the new biggest area of study. With the population constantly growing and people living longer, how will we look after the old when there are no longer enough carers and hospital beds for them? People will be needed to design new specialist treatment centres and come up with solutions to old age that will allow everyone care and a liveable pension. There are now courses in Gerontology. You can get more information about USC’s master in communication to get a better understanding of such a qualification. With more people needed in this area than almost any other sector, your qualification is certain to go to good use.  

Tomorrow’s Top Careers: Preparing For The Problems Of The Future

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Everything connected to the internet

Smart technology – also known as the internet of things – has already taken over our homes through smartphones, smart TVs and even smart kettles. There are plans to bring this technology to a mass scale. Traffic lights, street lights and public transport will all be connected to the internet. This will require a lot of programmers and engineers, not just to set up these ‘smart cities’ but to also keep them secure from hackers. In fact cybercriminals could pose a threat in all kinds of dangerous ways. It’s this threat that has led to courses in ethical hacking being available, so that these crooks can be hacked back.

Too much data to handle

The internet is overflowing with data. Being able to sift through this will become more and more difficult in the future and has led to a rise in data scientists as a result. It is thought major companies may have entire section devoted to data science in the future as a way of creating detailed market research and creating programmes that can automatically adjust costs and productivity based on raw figures.

Technology addiction

Our constant connectivity to the internet will cause many more of us to become addicted. VR is thought to continue to grow in realism and social media will only become more advanced. Psychologists are already looking into the effects this will have. It is thought that many of us will look for digital-free holiday destinations or rehabilitation centres to cut ourselves off for a while. Could this be the new future all-in-one tourism/therapy trade?

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