Three Ways You Can Make A Big Impression With Your Home


What do you do when you want to stand out in a crowd? Maybe you dress in exceptionally bright colors or put on a pair of fabulous heels to make you appear taller than you really are. Usually, most of us do things like this when we want to make a statement. It is a technique a lot of us apply to various situations we might come across in life – a job interview, for example, when we need to look poised and confident. And just as we design ourselves this way, we can apply the same kind of mantras to our homes. For many of us, a house is an ultimate accessory. After all, if you’ve bought it, it is up to you what you do with it. Making a statement with your home can tell just about anyone who walks through the door a little bit about yourself and what it is you do – especially important if you work from home, and meet clients there. A home can easily turn bland if they are not designed correctly, and this can make for a pretty uninspiring space. Take a look at some of the ways you can make a statement in almost any room in your home.

Three Ways You Can Make A Big Impression With Your Home

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A piece of art

Nothing screams creativity like a tasteful piece of art. As well as being inspiring for you to look at on a day to day basis, art also provides a talking point for any guests or visitors you may have. If you are not already a connoisseur, you might want to read some articles on art to educate you about what will work best in your home, and what pieces hold significant meaning. You then need to decide on what kind of art you are going for – a painting, drawing or a sculpture. Make sure it is placed in a vantage point if possible, ideally, somewhere that is naturally well lit. However, make sure that it does not spend all day in direct sunlight, as this could actually be damaging to your art.

A feature wall

Sometimes, you may not have room for a piece of art, but you still want to make a statement with a specific part of your room. If this sounds like you, why not try out a feature wall? A feature wall essentially acts as a giant piece of art in itself. Depending on your tastes, it can be something as simple as painting the wall a bold color to contrast with the rest of the room. Or, you could buy some textured wallpaper, or even have an artistic friend paint a mural onto the wall.

Three Ways You Can Make A Big Impression With Your Home

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Period features

Sometimes, the best way to make a statement with your home is to play to its strengths. If your home is a traditional Tudor building, don’t fight it – make the most of what you’ve got. Perhaps you have an amazing period piece such as dramatic, old-fashioned fireplace. Don’t just leave it to gather dust. Get it cleaned (you may need to hire an expert to deal with something like this) and decorate it with flowers, or some classy lighting, or personal effects.

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