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Sometimes Even Career Counsellors Need A Helping Hand


What makes a great counselor? Well, you need to be that rare sort of person with the ability to listen, understand and interpret a person’s emotional well-being while also helping to lead them to a better place. It’s tough. Really tough.

The problem is that counselors are always the people who are being relied upon: they rarely get to rely on others.

The biggest problem that counselors face is career progression. Many counselors spend a few years in their job wondering, “what else can I do?” The good news is that there are things you can do as a career counselor. Take a look at the following.

Career Tip #1: Build Your Own Trust Account

Sometimes Even Career Counsellors Need A Helping Hand


As counselors, we tend to prioritize our technical and functional skills. But it turns out that this isn’t usually what clients remember you for. Instead, they remember you for all the times that you helped them do something better. In other words, they’re less interested in the theory and more interested in the actionable ways you helped them lead a better life. Perhaps you’ve got a special technique to help them deal with their alcohol problem. Or maybe there’s some tactic you can teach them for coping better with their unruly kids. Whatever it is, share it with them, build up trust and get them to recommend you to their friends.

Career Tip #2: Get A Professional Qualification To Your Name

You can be a great counselor without any professional qualifications, but you may not have a great counseling career. Top counselors are not only good at what they do, but they also have counseling psychology bachelors degrees. They do this, of course, to help widen their experience and knowledge. But they also do it because they know that having letters after your name adds legitimacy to your practice.

Career Tip #3: Don’t Depend On Your Boss For A Promotion

Many counselors hold the belief that if they just keep working long and hard, they’ll end up in a better position in the company. But there’s no guarantee that your boss will agree. The chances are that he or she will want you to stay where you are, especially if you’re doing a good job. This is why it’s so important to regular hint to your boss that you’re looking for a promotion. This will put the pressure on them to find you a better-paid role before you leave the company in search of a higher-paying job with more responsibility. The more reliable and skilled you are, the less likely the boss will want to lose you and the more likely it is that you’ll eventually be offered a promotion.

Career Tip #4: Focus On People, Not Goals

When it comes to achieving great things in life, goals are important. But it turns out that in the world of counseling, people are even more important than goals. The trick to doing well is to use people as a means to achieve your goals. The more positive reviews you get from clients, the more competent you’ll appear in the eyes of the agency hiring you.

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