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Is Your Property A Blank Canvas? Here’s How To Bring Art Into Your Home


For many people, art is more than just a pretty picture to look at. It is a creative expression – something used to represent part of their personality, whether the piece of art has been created by them or simply purchased by them. If art is close to your heart, you may spend a lot of your time visiting exhibitions and art galleries. But extending your passion by bringing art into the home is one way to really transform your interiors. A striking piece of art can truly transform the whole appearance of a room. It can also be a talking point – something your guests may pick up on and comment on when in your home. If your property has been feeling a little lackluster lately, here is how you can bring it to life with some beautiful pieces of art.

Is Your Property A Blank Canvas? Here's How To Bring Art Into Your Home

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Choose wisely

Many people rush into buying their first pieces of art, and do so for the wrong reasons. Say, for example, that abstract art is on trend right now. That’s great if you genuinely love it, but don’t buy an expensive abstract piece just to fit in with the trend. Soon, the fashion will pass and a new style of art will be popular in its place. If you can, make sure you see the piece with your own eyes before purchase, or at least look at a Print Exhibition Online. You will know if you are drawn to a certain piece of art due to the emotion you feel when you look at it, so make sure you choose something you know you will want to look at every day.

Consider colors

You may have found a piece of art you have fallen in love with – but before you go ahead and part with any cash, think about whether it will actually compliment the room you plan to put it in. After all, it is much more difficult to match a room to art than it is to match art to a room. Don’t pick anything too bold, bright and provoking for a room such as the bedroom, as this is where you are meant to relax. For rooms that invite conversation, such as a dining room or living room, pick a more quirky, bright-colored piece, as it will draw your guests in.

Is Your Property A Blank Canvas? Here's How To Bring Art Into Your Home

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Think about where you hang it

Getting the placement of art correct can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have never hung art in your home before. For example, if you pick a very small piece of art you might have a completely free wall to hang it on – but think before you do so. A tiny picture on a huge wall simply looks lost, and can create a sense of enormity about the room. Instead, try and mirror the size of the wall with the piece of art. If you have a long, but shallow horizontal wall, choose one long piece of art to go from side to side, or pick three smaller pieces to line up to fill the space.

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