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Privacy and Copyright for Photographers: What You Need to Know [Infographic]


The art of taking photos has truly moved into a digital age and the modern technology available means that taking great pictures and sharing them with others is easier now than ever before.

One of the major issues to contend with however, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, is that our education on privacy and copyright simply hasn’t managed to keep up to speed with this rapidly evolving technology.

The internet is a challenge in its own right, when you consider the blurring of geographical boundaries and the sheer scale of sharing images with each other that goes on between us on a daily basis.

There are numerous examples of many different types of users, from bloggers to Twitter users, who have been forced to pay copyright penalties after they were found to have used photos without the owner’s permission.

There is also the aspect of how you manage to protect any images that you upload online.

Copyright laws vary between countries, although there are some basic rules that tend to be roughly the same in most regions, so it makes good sense to gain a better understanding of how to protect your images and also not to fall foul of the copyright laws and leave yourself vulnerable to paying a fine.

This guide on privacy and copyright for photographers aims to provide you with a resource where you can understand the basics of copyright laws and what your responsibilities are.

The guide explains for example, how contracts between a model and a photographer (known as a release) works and what the contract covers, and looks at various other relevant subjects, such as basic copyright issues.

Full of useful information as well as tips on how to protect yourself online, and how to find out if anyone is using your images without permission, there should be plenty of interesting points to read about and fill any potential gaps in your knowledge.

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