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Preparing for Promotion: The Qualities Bosses are Looking For


Everybody at some point wants to make steps towards moving up the career ladder. Whether this requires a full change of job to get to where you need to be or you try and further yourself in your current position, there is little chance that you will be one of the lucky ones who gets these promotions just handed to you on a platter. (Not bitter, honest.)

There are lot of things that you could do to prepare yourself for the opportunity of moving up the ranks. As long as you leave a lot of time for it and are realistic and don’t expect things to happen overnight, you will be well on the way for being well-enough prepared to put yourself forward for the position should you not have already been considered.

Learn About the Company

The more you learn about the business and boss that you work for and focus on what their ethos is, the more you will be on the wavelength of the people that employ you. Look at what qualities they consider for employing a person and look back on the contract that you were initially given; if you still have it, dig out your job description and look at the essentials of your job and think about whether you are hitting each target. If not, make it something to aim towards and rejig your work lifestyle to be able to do this.

Suggest Change

Most bosses aren’t adverse to small changes if they’re for the benefit of the business. If what you can suggest will only improve processes, then go ahead in voicing your opinions. It could be that you would like to see leadership training and performance management put into place to help guide and focus attentive employees and have a structure put in place to give great, constructive feedback, or even something as simple as a dress-down day to give employees a more relaxed approach to work for a short time. Whatever you think of, make sure that you aren’t treading on management’s toes or anyone else who may be directly under your boss in the hierarchy; sometimes you have to be tactical in how these improvements work their way up the line.

Be Positive

Embrace anything and everything. If work is handed to you and you actively show that you are bored, tired or just plain don’t want to do it, your attitude will be picked up on and won’t be taken seriously. If this is the way that you think you would like one of your employees to act when putting themselves in line for a promotion, then are more lenient than the majority. Bosses want to see somebody who is forthcoming, proactive, has passion for both their work and the people around them and has the needs of the business at the front of their mind. If you treat it like your own business and your bosses see these qualities oozing out of you then you better start printing your new desk badge now; you’re already in.

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