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From Point-and-Click to In-Depth Tools:  Learn Which Products Are Best For Your Needs


Becoming a digital graphics artist can be a lengthy process. Not only are you going to have to learn the skills needed in order to succeed, you’re also going to have to master the tools of the trade and one of the popular graphics or illustration programs.

In order to streamline your path to success, we’ve assembled a broad overview of what’s it going to take:

Point-and-Click devices: a drawing tablet is an artist’s best friend

Although you may feel like saving money by starting out with a regular computer mouse, most digital graphics artists prefer to work with a drawing tablet. This is for a very good reason: a tablet, together with a programmable pen, is a much more accurate platform for the purposes of illustration.

While smaller drawing tablets tend to be cheaper, the larger ones will allow you to become more accurate. This is especially important when trying to work on finer details. Ideally, you want to pick a drawing surface that’s sensitive to pressure.

Some artists like it if the pen comes with programmable buttons which they can bind to certain functions in a graphics program. However, it comes down to personal preference in order to determine how important this should be.

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In-depth tools: what are they and how learning them can benefit you

With the help of in-depth tools, you can control the final output better, since they allow you to do much more than simply draw a line. For example, in Photoshop, you can take advantage of tools such as the Wand tool, the Crop tool, Clone tool, Eraser tool, and so forth. Each one of them is tied to a function which manipulates the graphics in a certain way or moves them around.

Learning them is the basic step towards mastering your craft. However, this is a long-term process that can best be taught through practice. In order to help you along, there are numerous educational videos on the internet designed to show you what they do and how they work.

Which graphics program is the best?

This is a tough question to answer, since the answer depends on what type of graphics work you’re going to be doing. The most universal answer would probably be Photoshop, since the program can be used for all sorts of purposes and has great community and developer support. Suitable for newbies and experts alike, it will transform your Windows or Mac PC into a robust graphics workstation suitable for professional work.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on doing illustration work and work with vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator might just be the program you’re looking for. Of course, there are other graphics programs, so in the beginning when you’re still learning the ropes, it’s a good idea to download a lot of them and experiment.


With this article we’ve only covered the basics of what it takes to become a successful artist. But this should serve as a great starting point, so if you haven’t delved into it yet, now’s the time to begin.

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