Should I Outsource? Knowing What’s Best for Your Business


Should I Outsource? Knowing What's Best for Your Business

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When you first start out your business, you feel a sense of pride. You’ve achieved all of this yourself. You’ve developed your initial concept and watched it grow, you have nurtured it along the way. It’s not surprising that people can become protective of their brand and territorial when it comes to their small business. But as more people are exposed to your products and services, you’ll come to realize that the workload can get a little out of your comfort zone. Don’t ignore this. It will only result in a poorer quality service, as you’ll be posting certain orders out late, missing emails and not having the time to develop new stock or consider company improvements and further expansion. Luckily there are truly effective ways to deal with heavy workloads. Where to start? Outsourcing! Outsourcing is essentially shifting certain tasks onto other external companies for the sake of efficiency. There are, as with most things, pros and cons that come along with this. However, when you’re a small business owner, the positives generally outweigh the negatives. Read on for just a few of the benefits you could gain!

Why Outsource?


Outsourcing will reduce your personal workload without you having to take on a staff base of your own. If your company grows drastically, you would probably want to consider an in-house workforce. But for the moment, hiring staff could prove too costly. You have to supply them with a place of work, consistent contracted hours, holiday pay, sick pay and other benefits. You also have to deal with their taxes and other legal obligations. Employed staff are a big commitment, which is great once you’ve established yourself. But as you start up, outsourcing can prove more cost efficient. Workers will be freelance, working to their own hours and prices. But they will generally be competitive and they will deal with their own taxes and insurances.

Prioritizing Work

You can’t develop your brand if all of your time is taken up by menial tasks. A day spent fixing your online services to avoid error pages and HTTP status codes could have been better spent researching your potential market, scoping out competitors and improving on current products available. Services such as Brennan IT can take the weight of IT infrastructure off of your shoulders. Allowing you to focus on more fun and vital aspects of your company.

A Fresh Perspective

You may have good ideas, but we can all benefit from someone else’s take on something. Outsourcing gets others involved with your business, lending new ideas, comments, and criticism, while you retain all of the authority over final decisions. So if you’re experiencing a block to your creative flow, get it up and running again by calling in creative directors, graphic designers or any other freelance individual with experience and an interest in your current project area.

An Experienced Hand

We can’t all be great at anything. So if you find yourself faltering when it comes to a certain aspect of your online setup, calling in a more experienced individual to help out can give your web page a more high-quality and professional finish. Say you’re great with numbers and not words. Call in a copywriter to create crafted content. If you’re great with words but not numbers, opt for a bookkeeper who knows their figures inside out.

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