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Is Your Office Cool Enough?


When attracting potential employees, it is vital to ensure your business and office space looks as good as it can and that it reflects the ethos and personality of your business. Nobody wants to work in a drab, run of the mill office where the only additions to the office walls are cracks in the paint and different notices and policies hurriedly stuck to the wall. Artwork would be a much more impressive and stylish addition to the walls, and artwork can even hide various cracks, smudges or discrepancies. When choosing what to put on your office walls, you should take the time to choose wisely and pick the right artwork that easily reflects the way your business runs and what it stands for. For example, if you run a graphic design company then it would be a good idea to invest in some trendy graphics from well known illustrators, or even use some designs that your employees have come up with. Well chosen artwork can act as a conversation starter and can show how much you care about the business. Nobody wants cheap, irrelevant artwork adorning their office.

Is Your Office Cool Enough?

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The choice of furniture is also a big factor in enabling your office to stand out. Instead of old, used plastic desks, it could be a good idea to research contemporary, stylish desks from unique and quirky retailers. Different coloured desks also add brightness to an office, and again will show that you care about every aspect of your business from the big to the small. A good idea when adding coloured desks to your office could be to assign different colours to individual members of your team. For example, HR could be red, design could be green, admin could be orange. You could also then use these colours in emails or notices. If HR send an email, it could be coloured red and any notice they put up around the office could be in red. When doing your quickbooks checks accounts, admin could colour the top of each check in orange.This could be a great way for your team to express their creativity and to allow your team to develop a voice of their own.

You could also make your office a home away from home for your employees. Install a good coffee machine, a microwave and you could even fix a shower into a part of the building so your employees could use it if they need to leave work in a hurry as they are meeting friends or have an appointment etc. Lots of creative offices now also allow their employees to take half hour or so out of their working day to interact with their co-workers. Some companies have even installed games rooms with game consoles, table tennis tables and board games in. The happiness of your employees is vital to the sustainability of your business, so you should take the time to make them feel comfortable in the office, and that they enjoy their time there.

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