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oDesk’s Chrome Extension – Great way to find contractors and jobs


One of the best feature of browsers is extention, you can quickely access to the information and fatures of different websites services.
Recently has relases Odesk’s Chrome Extention, now emplyers can search contractors in really quick ways, just click the icon a search dialouge will appear, just enter your desired keyword and press enter, you will start getting resutls.
Same methods for contractors, all you have do is to click on Search jobs from search dialouge and enter your keyword to search jobs.
Its really useful extention for those who are working on Odesk. It’s a great way to find contractors and jobs when you are in a “moment” and not on the oDesk site.

They started with a limited–but slick–set of features, all running off our APIs:

  • Clicking on the extension logo brings up a quick contractor & job search dialog
  • If you highlight words on a page and right-click, you get a “Search in oDesk” command that returns a list of contractors or jobs with that highlighted skill.
  • On StackExchange sites, an oDesk logo is inserted next to the skills associated with a question; clicking on that logo brings up a search.
Add the oDesk extension to your Chrome browser today.


Search For Emplyers:

Search For Contractors:


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  1. zam says

    great site thanks

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