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New Brand? Here’s How To Get It Noticed


New Brand? Here's How To Get It Noticed

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If you are just in the process of setting up a business, one of your foremost priorities should be making sure you get the branding right, Your brand reflects your entire identity as a company, so you want to make sure it gets noticed by as many people as possible. In the digital age, people are constantly finding new ways to interact with customers and get their business noticed. Here are just a few ways that you can improve your chances of getting your brand out there.

Distinct Logo

Your logo is usually what people will first associate with your company. Make sure you are completely comfortable with it before you release it as rebranding can be costly and time consuming. Think about the colour scheme – this is hugely important as people associate different colours with different emotions. Font choice is also another important consideration and can be the difference between whether your brand is seen as playful or serious, cutting-edge or traditional. There are plenty of design agencies out there to create your brand, so choose an agency that specialises in your particular field.

Marketing Collateral

The more items you can get your brand on, the better. Marketing collateral can include stationery, letterheads, printed plastic cards, clothing, mugs and tote bags. As well as your logo, consider any imagery that you may want to put on the items. For example, if you’re trying to appeal to younger people, you are likely to want to convey fun, excitement and change. Another thing to think about is signage or any other outdoor advertising. You want to make sure your messaging is both readable and eye-catching.

Email Marketing

Though traditional forms of marketing can still be influential, you also want to make sure that you are reaching out to people online. Email marketing can be highly effective if done right. You need to make sure you contact people with relevant and useful information, while not overusing this tool. Sending out a weekly round-up is probably a good idea, while also drawing people in with any offers or promotions that you would like to highlight.

Website Design

Your website should essentially be an extension of your brand, making use of the colour scheme, font, shape and imagery. When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Functionality and ease-of-use should both also play a part in your website. People may only be on your site for a matter of seconds so you really need to grab and hold their attention during this time. In terms of layout, sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. That way, people can focus on the actual content of the website which is what they’re there for in the first place.

Try to use a combination of all these techniques when you are looking to get your branding noticed. Getting people’s attention in the first place is often the tricky part, but once you have it, you can find that you have lifelong customers.     

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