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Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve


Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Digital technology has drastically changed the face of marketing. Most companies have embraced computers and have their own website, but this is no longer enough to make an impact in the 21st century. Marketing companies are constantly evolving their tactics, embracing the newest and most exciting technology in order to get people’s heads turning. Here are some modern marketing methods to keep your business ahead of the curve.

Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Embrace social media

Most of the world is now on Facebook or Twitter. Whilst these are mainly fun and social tools, many businesses have realised the networking capabilities that social media has.

No matter the nature of your company you can get involved, so long as you are creative and sensible about what you post. You should certainly use it as a tool to promote deals and products, but if you dedicate it only to promotion no-one will follows you as it won’t be fun or engaging (most people go on social media in their leisure time). Make 20% of your posts promotional and dedicate the remainder to current events and interests related to your product that are likely to grab the attention of strangers.

After making a Facebook and Twitter page for your business, invite all your friends, colleagues and previous clients to like/follow. They may pass on information about your business to their friends. You should then focus on creating engaging content that will lure in other clientele (use hashtags, images and links – but don’t be spammy). You can also run ads on your page, link your website and directly sell products on your page.

Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Design an app

More people are using their phones than desktop computers to do internet research due to the on-the-go capability that a smartphone has. It’s therefore important to make your business mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is a good first step but if you want to go the extra mile, you can create your own phone app!

This can be used to market your company as creatively as you like. You could create a catalog for your business, a manual for your product, a quiz if you offer some kind of tutorial service, a menu if you’re a takeaway service or a digital loyalty card for users to scan in your shop or restaurant.

There are many specialist app design companies such as WondermentApps that can help you produce a quality app affordably and efficiently. Such apps can encourage return customers and depict your business as a fun and modern company.

Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Use video promotion

TV ads may be expensive and difficult to create but that doesn’t mean you should stick simply to static ads. The internet has opened up a whole new affordable and freer route to video advertising. There are various ways to go about video promotion.

The first is the DIY approach – create your own Youtube channel and start vlogging. Dedicate this to advice and tutorials and content related to your product. This could be aimed at clients or fellow businesses – either way you will help give of an impression of confidence and expertise for your business that could win over new customers.

You can create video adverts for your products on Youtube, although an entire Youtube channel of promotional content may not come across as fun or engaging to most people. Balance out promotional video with informational and entertaining videos for the biggest impact.

Video ads can be shared elsewhere like on your social media feeds and as pop-up videos on webpages (although the latter can be irritating). Some digital billboards and public TVs may also show promotional videos, although these often aren’t cheap. You could even simply reserve the promotional video for your website.

Make sure that all videos are good quality. If you are doing it yourself, invest in a decent camera and microphone. You may wish to hire a professional company to shoot a video for you, especially if you want to use actors. You may also consider an animated video too.

Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Creative online ads

Many companies will settle for simple pay per click adverts. But how many times have you clicked on one of these? Pop-up ads meanwhile can be annoying and whilst they may garner more clicks, most people only click on them accidentally because they’re in the way, not because they’re interested.

Some of those most creative ads are ones that unavoidably grab internet users’ attention. These can include moving ads and interactive ads. Some companies have made ads that double up as mini games.

Another technique is to rely on the curiosity of internet users and to tease them into wanting to know more. Some companies will use sex appeal, others will begin a statement that needs to be completed or a question that needs to be answered followed by a click here. Such ads can cheapen your product if overly spammy, so be careful how you implement them. Here are some examples of very creative banner ads that some companies have put into action.

Modern Marketing Techniques To Keep Your Company Ahead Of The Curve

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Start blogging

Most information we read nowadays comes from blogs. As with video promotion, blogging can be used to increase your professional reputation by coming across as a guru. Blogs can be written directly on your website. Some readers who have stumbled upon your blog post may be interested by the rest of your website’s content and be turned into potential clientele. Even if this isn’t the case, blogging will keep your website active, increase its rankings on search engines.

You should blog about content that is related to your business to guarantee that you lure in the right customers. If writing isn’t your forte, you may be able to hire someone to do it for you.

You can also write guest posts on other people’s blogs to help further promote your business. Dedicate a paragraph at the top or bottom to say who you are (e.g. This post was written by Joe Bloggs, the CEO of award-winning accountancy firm…). Try to sneak in a link to your website here too.

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