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Minimalist Poster Design From IDI


With just the smallest number of images you can create a film poster that tells you all you need to know, as this minimalist poster for Home Alone proves.

Made by art and design course provider the Interactive Design Institute (IDI) as a festive treat, this poster really captures the fun-loving tone of this much adored film.

It’s amazing to think that some people feel that a poster design with little on it means that there was somehow less effort made but, in reality, it can take a lot more to pare down a work than to beef it up.

There’s that old saying, isn’t there? “Sometimes you have to kill your darlings.” And, it’s an adage that applies to festive film posters as much as anything else, with the need to take away as much as you can for a purer creation.

Indeed, it’s a true showcase for a designer’s mettle when they can take something as rich as the love of Christmas and make it seem so simple. But, this festive treat from IDI is enough to make you want to sit down with some egg nog, scoff a mince pie and enjoy another memorable viewing of Home Alone.

home alone poster design

Designed by Jessica Stoddard at the Interactive Design Institute‏

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  1. Wish all clients appreciated minimalist quality work.

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