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Interview with Branding Expert Andrej Matic


92pixels favorite topic is to post amazing designers profiles and interviews, today we have another creative designer with us name Andrej Matic from Serbia. He has 6 years of the experience working in design industry and his creative field is branding.
Read more about him below, you will surely enjoy his interview.

Contact Details:

Name: Andrej Matic
Location: Serbia

What do you think about yourself?

I am as regular as you can get.
Put me beside a random construction worker or store seller. Then pick the designer. Your chances to score are 50-50.
I don’t wear designers clothes and don’t care about gadgets. I live with my family in suburban part of Belgrade. I don’t go downtown to visit fancy events and popular places because they are just fake.
On weekends you can find me shopping at the green market carryin’ plastic bags with vegetables and stuff. Some local folks know me and they say to me: “H’ya neighbor! Wassup?”
I don’t talk much. When it comes to work – I execute. I’m working for the ad agency and I work freelance.

Whats your achievements in your design field?

I am pleased to work what I always liked. That is enough of achievement for me. I know people doing jobs they never thought they will.
Every new work always takes me forward and every design that makes me satisfied is new achievement.

About your Experience with design:

I guess the art and design thing is entail from my father who is graphic artist and a painter. As a kid I spent a lot of my time watching him work and I liked that. During the time I started to draw my own. That is how it all began.
I remember that in primary school I drew comics at the end of the school notebooks and then the whole class read them.
Later I had my formal design education as well – I went to design school and graduated graphic design at the university at the end.
Right now I have 6 years of the experience working in design industry.

Do you have a particular process you go through for each design?

Main part of my designing process consists of lot of thinking.
Trying to make clients expectations fulfilled but what is even more important and harder IMO is to fulfill my own expectations.
Trying to put my conceptual thinking and visual beliefs into one simple form or shape. I always try to implement some of my personality into my work, to make me feel good because if it does not then it looks like a waste of energy to me.
Sometimes it is easy and sometimes I get stuck. Another two extremely important elements in my designing process are – good old graphite pencil and sketchbook(or rugged piece of paper if it is closer to me at the moment). They are helping me to visualize my thoughts before they’re gone missing.
So when the idea is captured at that piece of paper the next logic step is applying some of mine computer software skills to it to make it alive on screen. Shaping, reshaping, color placement, typeface solutions – really a lot of work till the final presentation gets finished.

How would you describe your style?

My style could be described as expression of my wish to find common ground between concept and shape, ideally with some unique twist on 2 dimensional space. I like to keep it simple and to have background story that supports my visuals. It’s not only producing the pretty pictures you know 🙂

How did you get your first job in design and what exactly was it?

My friend asked me to design him a logo for his car parts store. I believe it was nearly about 10 years ago. The logo still stands on the storefront sign and it always squeeze out a smile from me when I see it.

What plans do you have for the future?

Like everyone I guess I would like to rise to the top and to be a rockstar!
But to make it more realistic, I just want to continue working on my new projects, to make as more as possible of new relationships with clients and other designers. To share my thoughts and to learn from others.

Your expert areas:

Logo, CI design, Branding

Your tools of work:

Pen, Paper, Adobe Illustrator

Who or what is your biggest inspiration for graphic design?

he thing such inspiration is couldn’t be signified in couple of notes.
It’s all about the moment when it happens and everything could be trigger of inspiration.
It may be real object that I’m looking at or it may be something that I see when I close my eyes.

What advice would you give to other designers?

You got to believe in what you’re doing.
Be brave have an attitude.
Every idea could be the one that will launch your design high into the space.
Stick to your ideas get them executed and present them to the audience. Listen to the others carefully but believe to your instincts.
Work continuously and learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you will lose but you gain the valuable experience that will take you forward.

What do you think about

Plenty of information on the website. I couldn’t go through them all but I like branding section as my target of interest and of course the interview section. It’s good to actually see some faces that you are familiar with and to hear their story. Thanks.


  1. logohype says

    You are very kind Maka. Thanks.

  2. Maka says

    Great work ! great interview! wish you all the best in your future career and life ! keep on doing the amazing stuff ! You ARE a rock star ! 🙂

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