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We are here to introduce young designers from all the world, we publish there interviews for people and designers to read and contact with them if they like their work and want to hire them.
So today we have another young designer with us, we have interviewed with him, he is very talented guy. Mostly he do Vector art, especially abstract style but sometimes he also do logotypes, tees graphic, and others.
Read more about him below.

Your Name: My name is Lixiviandro Indra Harinanda but you can call me Andro or Lixi 🙂
Date of Birth: 3th April 1992
Facebook: or search my name Lixiviandro Indra Harinanda
Website: or
Location: Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

About yourself:
Hi, my name is Lixiviandro I.H. I’m really calm person and also open person but sometimes I can be so mysterious. I’m really interested with chaos, CMYK, psychedelic, detail, disordered, anime, gundam, and also design. Nowadays I’m still studying in high school but momentarily I will study in college, just 1 month again. Really interested in abstract style because it illustrates my life that can’t be predicted so, if you see my works it means you see anything about me just understand it. My hobby is drawing anime/manga/something I wanna draw at that time, listening deathcore music, doodling my notebook (not notebook, you may know what I mean) studying math, sleeping, and also eating 😉

Your Achievements:
I do design is just for fun and my best achievement is when I got someone satisfied with my works and used it (also paid it haha…). I tried to apply in international groups like DigitalFlow and Designerscouch, guess what? I had been accepted!

About your Experience with design:
I started to make vector when I was 15, really interested in vector design because of internet and also my friend. Actually I was interested in art when I was 9 years old, at that time I always drew many characters from animes that I saw. 5 years later I found a vector software named CorelDraw, but I was not really interested with that software. After saw my friend made a design with that, I was falling in love with design and tried to make one. In 16, I found my own style and stopped to use another artist’s style also tried to be myself until now. I never used vector stocks/packs nor brushes, every parts in my vector are made by myself.

Do you have a particular process you go through for each design?
Hmm… don’t really remember about this, I just let it flow and serious when designing 🙂

Your expert areas:
Vector art, especially abstract style but sometimes I do logotypes, tees graphic, and others.

Your tools of work:
CorelDraw x4, CorelDraw 11, and CorelPhotopaint 11

Message for designers:
“Be yourself, art is not about trend but about your personality so, don’t be ripped with other artist’s style”

Want to share anything else?:
hmm…. maybe just say, cheers 😀


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  1. Fahmid says

    Man, I have a big dream of making arts in Adobe illustrator CS4 like “Face of Fact” or “Pray”…But I just don’t know how to…:(

  2. mark says

    love you andro and you work nice work keep it up!!!

  3. soha says

    goood work
    i love y style in design

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