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Interview with Amazing Graphic Designer Dora


Designing is a part of human creativity and it took a lot of concentration with feelings and emotions. In our daily life we see designers everywhere but all of them are not successful just because they are no doubt creative but they don’t put their full efforts in their designs. Therefore we shared a designer who is not only successful as well as she is so much creative too. She puts her full concentration in her designs.
Dora is specialist in designing and branding and have done many creative projects. She is from Poland and have done MFA in Painting and Interdisciplinary Arts. Read more about her below, you will surely enjoy her interview.


If you want to hire her you can contact via following ways:

Your Name: Dora Klimczyk
Twitter: @klidor
Location: Poland

Tell us about yourself:

I am a graphic designer/ illustrator and a visual artist from Poland. I have MFA in Painting and Interdisciplinary Arts.
I have been working in a design filed for over 6 years now, not including the time of my education.
During that time, I had a chance to work in an agency environment, run my own company and work as a freelancer. Freelancing is the option I chose, because it gives me the most of the freedom specially in terms of choosing the projects I’d like to work on. Every assignment can be a challenge, but I really tend to reject projects that are not of my interest at all.

Your Hobbies:

I love reading books. I usually don’t have much time for my hobbies, but reading is a crucial thing for me. I need to read something everyday.

Your Achievements:

Ability to work and do what I love is probably the greatest achievement of mine. I cannot imagine doing anything else. But I know there is still a lot to do and I have a strong belief that I can do it better.

About your Experience with design:

I have over 6 years of working experience in a design field. Within that time I have been working for both small and big clients. I was raised in designer’s family, so I think it was a natural path to take.

What kind of Design Services you provide:

My services include the following:

  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Animation
  • Digital Painting
  • Do you have a particular process you go through for each design?

    I think the overall process in designing is the most important thing for both the client and the designer themselves. The process is time consuming, but from my experience it’s very valuable for both sides.
    If possible, I usually start work organizing workshops with a client. I have a set of questions to better understand the clients vision. Then I create mood boards and try to understand better the clients vision. After he/she chooses a certain style board then the actual design process begins. We start with few concepts. Once the right concept is chosen the actual production phase takes place. When the work is finished, the client very often understands the whole process and then they clearly see what the “mood board” phase was for.They are also happy, because they actually ARE a part of a design process.
    In the end we evaluate things and I very much appreciate the clients feedback concerning the overall work process. Of course it varies, depending on a client and the task given.

    How would you describe your style?

    I think having a particular style is a very tricky thing. Obviously after years of working in a field every graphic designer develops some sort of a style. But I rather consider it a “side effect” instead of thinking of it in terms of the goal. You should always remember, that designing is not first and foremost about the style and the designer. The figure of a designer is very often hidden beneath the mask of client expectations. What you might like, is not necessarily what a client wishes. And it’s usually the art of balancing the two – artist’s vision versus the clients.

    How did you get your first job in design and what exactly was it?

    I cannot spot the very first job I got, but I remember a friend approaching me to design a logotype for his company. At that point I still had no idea what Photoshop or Illustrator was 🙂

    What plans do you have for the future?

    I’d like to open a little animation studio in a near future.

    Your expert areas:

    I don’t know about being an expert, but the areas of my interest is branding, illustration and animation.

    Your tools of work:

    Firstly, my mind: that’s where all the creative processes start. Then I use more mechanical tools to bring those ideas to life. Hand drawing skills are very helpful and crucial for a designer. I love using tablet both for digital painting, illustrating and making draft concepts. If I suddenly get an idea, I simply use pencil and a piece of paper to take notes or draw some rough sketches.
    Obviously after the brainstorming and sketching I bring my ideas to life with an appropriate software.

    Who or what is your biggest inspiration for graphic design?

    I should be naming graphic designers and artists who inspired me with their work, but instead I would just say that life is one of my greatest inspiration sources. While giving a huge credit to all the people who have been struggling to push the design on it’s current path I still think that being inspired by other people’s work can be tricky and sometimes very constraining. Often, when I struggle with an idea I take a break and simply go for a walk and become social with others or just watch.
    If you, however, asked me for names I’d have to mention Jeffery Keedy or Katherine McCoy for their great theoretical input into the design field.
    Other then that I try to read as much as I can, and it’s another great source of inspiration.

    What advice would you give to other designers?

    I would tell them my favorite quote: “Replace the fear of unknown with curiosity”. That is to say: Have a strong belief in yourself and think of a design process as of a journey. Don’t fear the future, instead be curious of what your mind can create. Sometimes it can surprise you a lot.
    And never stop learning.

    Want to share anything else?

    Yes – I want to thank all the people I love for being with me and supporting me all the way through.
    And all the people, clients and designer friends who send me warm words of appreciation and fuel me to work and produce better results.

    What do you think about

    I think this is a wonderful platform of exchange, education and resources for all the people working in a field.

    Dora’s Creative Work:




















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      Very inspiring and creative work. These kinds of designers are really rare to find. Really great work thanks for sharing her creativity with us 🙂

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