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Interview with 99designs


Today we have interviewed with 99designs, a very professional marketplace for graphic design work. It’s a great website for designers to earn money with your design skills. Participate in contest and submit your design by following the brief if your design is perfect for customer need then you will be the winner and you will get the prize money. Prize money range is $100 to $5000+
This website is providing great opportunity for designers to earn money at home. 99designs always appreciates talented designers. And if you need any design work, 99designs is a great place for it. It can provide you everything from logo design and web design to t-shirts, product packaging and book covers.
Read more about 99designs below, you will surely enjoy it and you will feel glad to join them.

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What is 99designs?

99designs is the #1 online marketplace for professional graphic design work. Launched early 2008, our goal is to connect thousands of designers from around the world with clients who need design work completed fast, and without the limited choice offered by traditional design firms. We provide a marketplace where customers can easily find the right designer for their needs and where over 50,000 design projects have been run with around $700,000 paid out to our designers each and every month.

Can you list all of your services?

Customers use 99designs for a wide variety of graphic design needs: everything from logo design and web design to t-shirts, product packaging and book covers – people have used 99designs to get just about everything. Below is full list of our services
Web Page Design
Stationery Design
Logo Design
Button & Icon Design
Other Graphic Design
T-Shirt Design
Banner Ad Design
Print Design
Twitter Background Design
QuickBooks Form Design
Custom WordPress Themes

So what’s the story behind 99designs?

The idea for 99designs originated from the designer forums of SitePoint (our parent company) back in 2006. As a way of polishing their skills and having fun, designers were playing “Photoshop tennis” – making up fictitious projects and competing with each other to see who could create the best design. Two forum threads over, people were desperately looking for great graphic designers to have work done for their business.
A smart web entrepreneur who also hung around the SitePoint forums saw this activity and realized he could tap it to get a logo he needed designed – so rather than making up a fake project he offered a cash prize to the designer who could create the best logo for his project.
It was an absolute hit – word spread and new projects started popping up like crazy. Eventually we realized there was a viable business within all of this –we built a proper platform for it and in early 2008 99designs was born.
Since then, as the pioneers of the crowd sourcing concept 99designs has gone from strength to strength and is the #1 online marketplace for graphic design in the world with over 85,000 active designers and a design concept submitted to a contest every 6 seconds.

Can you explain what exactly a Contest is?

When a customer has a design need in mind we get them to run a ‘design contest’ where dozens of designers will compete to deliver the best design. It’s a great way to bring together small business owners and designers because it helps solve key problems for each of them.

How it works:

Individuals or businesses post up their design requirements in a brief that is shown to our design community and within hours designers from all around the world begin to compete by submitting completed design concepts to the contest.
All submissions are than reviewed and rated by the contest holder and at the end of the contests period, a winning design is chosen and the winning designer is paid the prize money. Designers find this great as the best design will always win, no matter where the designer is from or what their background is: the designs themselves are all that is taken into account.

How many contests are posted up to 99designs on average?

On any given day there are over 100 contests launched and at any given time there are approximately 600 open contests.

What makes you guys unique?

99designs has the largest contest community of online designers in the world; with a history of over 57,000 successful design contests to date – we have more opportunities for designers than any other contest site.
Our business provides designers with new opportunity’s every day for working on new projects whilst also giving them a real chance at acquiring additional work from customers. Ultimately, most businesses end up working on follow up projects with their winning designer – and this helps our designers earn additional money post contests.
Our crowd sourcing model also gives our customers far more choice than dealing with an individual designer. Instead of receiving a single concept, customers receive dozens of unique designs from which they can choose a winner. Businesses receive better results than the traditional model for a lower cost, helping them to manage budgets around their design work.

Who uses your website?

As an online service, people from all over the world use 99designs. Contests have been launched from all corners of the globe and we have designers in over 192 countries – all across Europe, Asia, Australia and The United States who are part of our design community.

What are you offering for both designers and customers?

Essentially what we offer our customers a safe and innovative way to source quality design work that isn’t restricted to their local area but instead connects them with great designers from around the world. Likewise, we offer our designers the opportunity to work with customers across the globe that they otherwise would not have been exposed to.

So how do people contact you if someone’s in need your service?

The best way to contact us is through our website. Our support team is online 24/7 to answer any questions that people may have through either email or live chat and we also have phone support from 8am-5pm (PST) Monday to Friday.

Anything Else?

Come visit our website at!

  1. […] my family, my dog Bella, life, friends, movies, music, shopping and nature. My friends from 99designs, Dusan and Jurgen were my first ever inspirational designers, their designs and their winnings […]

  2. Terry Bogard says

    Lol. Well said Gabi. This is a business interview buddy. I do agree that its the #1 marketplace and the originators of such a business model. It went through alot of evolution and inhancements. Great site IMO which constantly works to remove flaws in a very positive way.

  3. Carl says

    Wow that was shit! This isn’t an interview it’s a sales pitch.

    1. Undrthespellofmars says

      What did you expected?????
      This is a professional interview about a successfull business, it´s not about Bill Gates but Microsoft, Steve Jobs but Apple…´s about a start and a developement, about targets and achievements, about letting know and learn……you might not see all the things that lies within, but once you know how an idea was born and how far they´ve gone with it, sure opens a door for understanding and knowledge, for inquieries and experiences……..Thank you Arslan for this Great Interview!!!!!! that also opens the door to sources and means for us to achieve our own success.

      Kind Regards


      1. Paetros says

        Garbage. Arshole got paid by this horrible idea of a company to promote it’s services. Fact is, 99designs is a wrong direction for designers and an insult to them as well. It’s well known that you can’t make good money and value for your skill participating in these “contests” as they call them.

        Wake up designers! Have pride and confidence in your abilities and get paid for all the time and hard work you put into creating things. Each time you enter a “contest” and are not chosen is lost dollars. There are better opportunities to make money with your skills.

        Design is not a commodity, it takes skill and professionalism. Don’t let people who know nothing about the practice try to manipulate you in order to make themselves money.

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