Images Aren’t An Afterthought!


A lot of site owners and even marketers think of images as an afterthought when setting up promotion and content. This is a mistake because images are actually more powerful than the text you spend hours fussing over. Images are what captures the reader’s attention immediately, and they should never be a last minute consideration. Instead, they should be integrated completely into your design.

Match The Content

One of the easiest ways to make a site look unprofessional is to add images that don’t match the content. You see this all the time from women’s blogs that have multiple pictures of men to industrial business sites that have images of people typing at computers. It doesn’t fit, and it stands out for all the wrong reasons. If you make this mistake you’re giving customers a valid reason for clicking away.

Be Different

You can find various images online free from copyright. But the fact that they are free from copyright means that everyone is using them. It’s very difficult to make your site stand out if you’re using these photographs. Instead, either create your own or pay a little extra for access to a professional. This is a guaranteed way to ensure your site doesn’t look bland online.


Finally, site owners spend ages fitting keywords and links into their text. But, they completely forget to optimise the images they use. By doing this, you are giving your SEO a boost you don’t want to miss out on. Have a look at the infographic below for some ideas on how to do this.

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