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HTML Horrors and Egregious offenses against users!


Web sites have become an essential part of our daily life and our day is not complete unless we visit few websites. We come across new web sites almost daily which made me to gather some of the biggest mistakes that web developers make. Have a look..

HTML Horrors and Egregious

Searching issues!

Sometimes the search engine provided by the website are so bad that they are unable to handle any form of typos, hyphen, wrong spelling, plural and other variants of the known terms. Sometimes they don’t even show you results if the spelling is not correct! All of this not only makes it hard for elderly users but makes it hard for everybody.

Not changing the Color of various links

Suppose you visited a search engine and searched for something. Then you logged off. The next day you searched for the same subject but you are unable to recall which links you visited last night. Won’t the frustrate you? Changing the color of the link will provide users to keep track of their navigation progress and also help them to avoid the links they already visited. If the color is not changes then users will end up opening the same links they did before which is just a waste of their time and energy.

Non-readable text

A page full of text from top to bottom without any beginning or end is the most horrible mistake that you can make! So make sure to use headers, footers and bullet point. Secondly keep the paragraphs as short as possible.

Font size

Sometimes users are not given the choice to vary their web font so the text end up being very small which makes it unreadable for users above the age of 40. So let your users fix the font according to their preference.

Don’t make your designs look like ads!

As most of the users are looking for ways to avoid the pop up ads, then designing something that looks like an ad is the biggest mistake you can make. Users avoid the ad hence they don’t look into it or pay attention to know what it actually is! So avoid banners, flashing text and aggressive animations and pop-up purges.

Violating convention consistency

Users like it when the web site turns out the way they expect learning from their past experiences. Consistency gives users the most powerful experience and they feel more in control of the web site. Every time you drop an apple over Sir Isaac Newton it will always drop on his head. That’s good! So anything too full of surprises is a major turn off for the users.

Not answering user’s questions

Users visit your website with intention of gaining something and might even purchase your product. So if you are unable to answer their queries and provide them the information that you are looking for, then it’s the ultimate web disaster that you can make!

These were some of the horrible mistakes in web site legion that web developers make without being aware that they are making them! So be careful while you are making your web and avoid these disasters.

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