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How To Start Making Money From Your Photography


For anyone that loves photography, there will be a moment when you think; “how can I start making some money from this?” It’s no surprise. The further into the habit you delve, the more it’s going to cost you in equipment and processing. So, it’s only natural to want something back. But how do you go about getting started?

We’re going to take you through a few essentials of getting started with selling your pictures. If you have the talent, why not give it a go? There isn’t much to lose, and throughout this guide we’ll also be keeping a close eye on costs, so you won’t have to spend too much. Ready to start making some paper from your snaps?

How To Start Making Money From Your Photography


Are you ready?

First of all, you have to be honest with yourself – are you truly prepared to start a photography business, no matter how small? There are several things to think about. Your photography skills are vital, of course, and it’s important to make sure your work and ideas are good enough to sell to an audience. You also have to consider whether or not you have the time. As soon as you start selling, you have a responsibility to get those orders out quickly. And, if you are juggling work, family, and life commitments already, it might just be too much for you.

Focus on your style

Of course, the one thing that separates a great photographer from an average one is their sense of style. You will take many different pictures, but all of them need to have your signature on them if you are going to start making a name for yourself. You might enjoy nature photography, or landscapes, for example. But, ensure that you aren’t taking the same pictures as everyone else, or they will just get lost. Find your style, and capture those things that other people don’t see.

Get the best equipment you can afford

It goes without saying that you will get the best results with the best equipment. So, if you are serious about turning your hobby into a legitimate business, you have to be prepared to invest. Look at different lenses, and get the best camera you can afford. Also, think about peripherals, such as SD cards. Pick them up in bulk – you can order here, for example – and you will reduce the cost. Not only can you use them to store your images, but you can also send them out to customers as a preview of your work. Lighting equipment is also a must, especially if you are working with people.

Set up a website

Setting up a website has never been easier than it is now, so take a look around and see what you can dig up. We put together a comprehensive guide to choosing a host recently, so take a look for some more ideas. In general terms, a photography website needs to be visual, with lots of example of your work. And, don’t forget to make it easy for people to buy prints – which brings us to our next step.

Develop relationships

Finally, it’s vital to establish relationships with complementary businesses. Think about printing companies and Company Folders. It would work to suggest photo folders as a good example of products to offer clients near the end. If you can get an exclusivity deal always to work with them, then it can often lead to massive discounts. And, of course, the more you can offer your customers, the more opportunities there are to make money.

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