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How to Choose the Right Host for Your Photography Website


If you are a photographer or designer, the web is a fantastic place to show off your work. Most people realise the importance of choosing a theme that is easy to use, loads quickly and looks good to show off their work, but many do not give much thought to where, or how, they host that website.

This is a real shame because a poorly hosted website can easily turn into a liability rather than an asset. Here we look at choosing the right type of host for a data rich design or photography website and highlight some of the common mistakes you need to avoid when hosting such a site.

Space is essential

The photos and videos you include on your website have to be of the best quality. Grainy, pixelated photos are definitely not going to impress modern consumers and help you to sell your prints or services.

This means that you need plenty of space or capacity on your website. If you are just starting out you may get away with using shared hosting, but you could soon find yourself running out of space. This means that shared hosting is rarely a good option for a photographer or designer.

Flexibility is important

That brings us to another important point. Flexibility, if your site takes off you will want to be able to expand it quickly and may want to buy the next level of hosting. It is therefore important to contract a hosting firm that makes it easy for you to move to better servers and do so without charge.

User experience

Bear in mind that your website is your shop window, a way to showcase for your work. It is essential that you please potential customers, keep them engaged and on your site. The theme you use and how your site is laid out will really help with this, but hosting also plays a role.

Modern consumers simply will not wait for a website to load. They expect to click a menu, or thumbnail and for the next page or image to open instantly. To make sure that the pages of your photography website load fast using a VPS host is a good option.

This type of hosting gives your website a section of the server that is exclusively yours. That space is not shared with other websites, so you are not competing for resources with those other sites. This ensures that even large images load fast.

Getting the SEO Edge

The speed at which your site loads is also important if you want your website to rank well in Google, and other search engines. Most search engines now prioritise fast sites over slower ones. This is another reason opting for a VPS host rather than shared hosting may be a good idea for photography or design websites.

Having a dedicated IP address can give you the edge over other sites and help you to rank better. This means that it is worth considering paying a little extra for this facility.

Trustworthy and Good Support

Regardless of the type of hosting that you finally decide to buy, be careful to purchase it from an established hosting company. Check the reviews and look for one that offers good round the clock support.

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