Hitting The Reset Button On Retail


The rise and rise of online shopping and ecommerce is fast overtaking the high street retailers. People are after a quick fix for their shopping because there is no amount of time to get to the local supermarket, and why would you want to head out when you can get what you want from the comfort of your own home? Resetting the balance in retail and getting people to come to shops is a bigger challenge than it ever used to be. And with the tech that people use to upgrade their business, it is now time to find a way to combine the personable shopping experience with the cutting-edge computer technology that we rely on now.

Hitting The Reset Button On Retail


Combining The Interactive With The Active

By using “floating” members of staff walking around with portable credit card terminals or a touch panel pc for ease of access, it means a quicker set of reference points for the customer. If they cannot find something, the staff will have the means necessary to check if the store sells that item, where it is, and if it is in stock. That way, it benefits the customer, and it is a much quicker set of processes for the staff, and they can get on with serving another customer, which will help increase turnover.

Make An App

Many businesses have an app, and they are being fine-tuned to bridge the gap between the real and online personas of companies and stores. Many stores already use the “buy at home, collect in store” approach to purchases, and it cuts down on waiting times, queues, and leaves the customer with a much better impression of the store because they didn’t need to spend 30 minutes waiting for something that wasn’t in stock!

Scanning Items As You Go

Putting the control firmly in the hands of the customer, a customer could scan their items before putting them in the shopping cart and pay up at the very end. This helps staff because there would be no queries in price due to human error (such as a mislabeling mishap). And cuts time wasted from the store’s perspective regarding bagging, which the customer can do as they go around the store, and it also helps the store save money because they could potentially use fewer staff members. A few stores have started to roll this method out, and it works very well.

A Virtual Mirror

A great idea for clothes retailers, this can help the customer decide if an item of clothing suits them by selecting the item they want and display it on the screen. The customer can then “step into” the mirror and shrink or enlarge the clothing according to their specifications. Again, this cuts down on queues, especially ones for the changing area, and it helps the customer to pick their items quicker. You can program recommendations into the system, and you have your very own virtual stylist!

Tech is pushing the boundaries in how we buy things, but let’s bring it back to the high street!

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