Golden Design Rules For Success In Retail


Golden Design Rules For Success In Retail


Despite the doom and gloom you often hear about retail, the truth is it still offers a great business opportunity to those who are prepared to work hard, achieve their goals, and become a successful store. There are, however, some strict rules and guidelines you need to follow if you want to make that dream of retail success a reality. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through everything you need to know regarding designing a retail outlet and reveal several golden rules of successful retailers.

Outthink the competition

Because online stores have fewer overheads than physical retailers, they can afford to charge less for their products – and it can be difficult to compete. However, just because you can’t match your competitor’s prices, it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Success in retail involves seeing what your competitors are doing and making sure you do it better. Don’t forget; not everyone makes a buying decision on price alone – many other factors, like customer service, staff knowledge, and a physical presence can help you make a more compelling offer. Store design gives you an opportunity to make those experiences fantastic for your customer and give them something they can’t get on a computer or smartphone.

Golden Design Rules For Success In Retail



There is no denying that the average consumer is buying more online these days than at any time in history – and it’s only going to get worse for physical retailers. The trick is to give customers a reason to come and visit you – establishing a strong concept store is one of the best ideas new retailers are coming up with. So, think carefully about planning your store, so it is attractive and appealing. Think about making it a home from home for your customers, rather than a shop. Invest in spectacular displays and make a concerted effort to create an open, welcoming environment that people would be happy to hang out in, never mind use for a shopping experience.


The light of a store can create incredible environments that can compel people to come in through the door and spend money. And it’s worth breaking the bank to invest in commercial lighting systems that wow your customers. Good lighting means people can see what they are buying, and it can also draw people into the store. For example, lower levels of light at the front will contrast with brighter lights at the back – and people will feel compelled to check it out.

Golden Design Rules For Success In Retail


Tell a good story

Great design always tells a story. And it’s no different for retailers, who need to create an interesting, cohesive, and compelling story about who they are and what they do. The design of your store gives you the opportunity to create something unique and personal, so consider how you use the space. For example, you might draw people in with tempting offers in the front of your store, and then entice them further back with more specialist items. You might consider using the back of the store as a big climax – huge video screens or, perhaps, live performances.


It won’t take you long to find makers of store shelving and SKUs – and some of them are temptingly cheap. However, avoid going for the cookie cutter approach if you want to build up a loyal brand – leave that for the discount stores. Focusing on design gives you the opportunity to come up with something original, and make a statement about who you are.

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