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Forget Technical Skill, It’s Personality Employers Are After


Forget Technical Skill, It's Personality Employers Are After

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Far too many wannabe-employees spend their entire job search worrying about whether they have the right technical skills to impress their prospective boss. Well, we have some news for you… employers don’t care about your technical skills, not as much as you think they do anyway. That is because skills can be taught, whereas personality cannot.

Sure, technical skills are important to get you into the interview room for one of those uncomfortable showdowns that no one likes. But to actually get the job, well, who you are is what really matters most. That is where showing off your personality traits matters more than showing off your experience or your practical know-how for the simple fact they care more about your future with them than they do about your past with someone else.

That is why we have come up with this list of qualities all hiring managers are looking for in a candidate.

Comfortable In Your Own Skin

This is one of those things that every employer wants to see in a person because employees who are comfortable with themselves tend to know what they want that little bit more. The other bonus is they tread on the right side of confidence, making them self-believers that are a pleasure to be around as opposed to cocky-workers that grate on people.

Forget Technical Skill, It's Personality Employers Are After

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Totally Dependable

All it takes is a quick look at and you’ll quickly notice that every job posting wants someone who is dependable. The reason why is very simple. There is not a person on the planet who will get – or keep – a job by being not showing up on time, or using all of their sick days, or asking to take a holiday during busy periods or taking the mick when it comes to the flexible working conditions.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Reputation goes a long way and the concept of perception is reality reigns. That is why it so important to always be honest, according to To put it as simply as possible, if you are caught lying once, it will be very hard to shake any opinion of you being untrustworthy. This needs to start with your application and continue throughout your time as an employee. Trust us on that.

Forget Technical Skill, It's Personality Employers Are After

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Need To Learn

Know-it-alls very rarely stay employed because they create a rather undesirable atmosphere to work in. That’s because no appreciates someone who thinks they have all the answers. What is appreciated, however, is humility and an understanding that we all need to keep learning. Employers want people who are willing and able to listen, so make sure you have that quality.

Always Be Adaptable

More and more employers are looking for people that are able to adapt to different conditions and changing markets. This is because they will get more out of an employee that is able to do multiple tasks than they will one who is only able to perform in a singular condition. How you demonstrate this up to you. It could be the ability to take orders one day and work on unsupervised the next, or work from your desk and then head into the field, or even step out of your comfort zone to fill in for those around you, say with public speaking needs.

Employers want more than just a person that can do a task. They want someone that can lift a workplace, encourage growth and deliver more than they were expected, and that is about attitude as much as anything.

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