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Five Tips That Will Totally Transform Your Bedroom


When it comes to interior decoration, many people will put a huge focus on some of the major rooms in the home. The kitchen will be a priority, as will the bathroom. After all, those rooms do seem to add the most value to any home. Then you might find the living room gets some attention, children’s bedrooms perhaps if you have them. But your own bedroom falls low on the priority list, why is that? Perhaps people tend to place more focus on the rooms other people will see, rather than the one they retire to themselves each night. However, I think a bedroom makeover is easier to achieve, and these five tips will help you transform that room into a piece of tranquility, just for you.

Five Tips That Will Totally Transform Your Bedroom


Decluttering your bedroom

One of the first jobs anyone should start with when it comes to redecorating your bedroom is decluttering the mess that will have gathered. Naturally, your bedroom could have become a dumping ground for laundry, books and random offerings that just don’t seem to have a home. No more! Decluttering any space in your home is strangely satisfying, and the difference it can make to how a room looks and feels is mind boggling. Try it for yourself and see.

Investing in some new furniture

Any bedroom makeover needs new furniture. Either a complete overhaul including wardrobes and bedside tables or just treating yourself to that super king bed you might have always wanted. It’s nice to have something new to work with and can often be a springboard for the rest of the decoration that takes place. Bedroom furniture can stand the test of time, so try and choose a design that you are happy with.

Make your bedroom a functional space

A lot of people use their bedrooms for much more than sleeping. It could be the place you get ready for the day or wind down if you are feeling particularly stressed. Or you may use it to do some of your general household chores like ironing or sorting through clothes. So if you can, try and make your bedroom more functional by creating storage options, or segregate space for different things. It might help you relax more at night knowing everything has its place.

Creating a neutral color palette

A neutral color palette is one of those things that can last a while, and it’s easy to interchange your accessories as the palette tends to work with all color combinations. As a bedroom is one of those rooms you are not likely to be decorating again anytime soon, it’s worth making sensible choices. Plus, sticking with pastel shades can help you gain a better night’s sleep. Compared to louder color choices like red or blue.

Adding accessories to create the essence of your bedroom

Finally, adding accessories is a great way to transform the way your bedroom looks. You could create a luxurious feel with blankets and scatter cushions, or add scented candles to create a warming ambiance. You could also change your accessories to match your mood or even the season.

I hope these tips help you transform your bedroom.

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