Five Things You Should Consider Including On Your Business’ Website


Utilizing your business’ website to the best of your ability is important. It needs to look great and be useful for your customers. So, you should consider everything that you could include on it, and decide what is best for your business. Here are just a few things that you should think about having on your business’ website.

  1. A Meet The Team Page

Adding a meet the team page will make an online experience feel more personal for a customer. If they can see the faces of the people they are buying from or contacting, they are more likely to feel secure. When online, it is easy for people to feel like they are talking to a robot. Make the experience more personal by adding a meet the team page to your site, with a photo of each employee along with their job title.

Five Things You Should Consider Including On Your Business' Website

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  1. Contact Details Page

A page dedicated to your contact details should be definitely be considered as an addition to your site. You may have your contact details on your site, but somewhere less clear, like another page or at the bottom of the site. Having a clearly labeled page with your contact information will ensure customers can find or contact you will ease. You don’t want them going to your competitors because they couldn’t find your phone number.

  1. A Products/ Services Page

Even if you don’t sell your product or service online, you should consider listing what you sell and prices on your site. This means customers who are looking for something in particular can shop around. If you don’t include the prices of what you are selling on your website, it is likely they will just go to someone else. People don’t like having to request prices, as then they feel pressured into buying. Dedicate a page to your products/ services and their prices so that you can avoid this.

  1. A Blog

Having a blog on your website can be a handy addition. If you are in an industry that needs to provide customers with heavy information before they buy, such as SEO, it might be handy to have a blog. That way you can have the information on there that people constantly ask you.

If you are struggling to decide if this would help your business, marketing consultants can give you some great advice on what would be best for your company.

Five Things You Should Consider Including On Your Business' Website

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  1. A FAQ’s Page

A FAQ’s page is a great way for customers to find out information easily, and to save your own time. Compile a list of questions you often get asked, and give clear and concise answers. This will save you having to repeat yourself, and save customers having to get in contact with you. Win win!

Five Things You Should Consider Including On Your Business' Website

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Consider all of these different options when creating your website. If your site is already up and running and you feel like some of these ideas could improve your site, then add them in! It isn’t too late. We hope this post has been handy.

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