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Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country


We have moved well beyond the idea of constraining your life and your career to just one country. People emigrate and immigrate all the time to find a new path for their career. This is good for the individual as it allows for a lot more opportunity while it also serves as a great way for any country to import new entrepreneurial minds and skilled workers. But you need more than skills if you’re going to start building a career in a new country.

Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country

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Know the market

A career might be a lot more relevant in one country than it is in the other. It might even be more relevant in a specific region. For instance, many tech startups have their best chance at finding their feet in California compared to the rest of the US. You need to make sure that the career you want fits with where you want to go.

Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country

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Know the culture

To get the best start on a career, you need the soft skills that can make you a great presence in any workplace. Communication is crucial, for instance. You may know the language well, but can you speak it as well as a native? This post details a lot of ways to practice a language and master the practical application of it to wear down that language barrier that can serve as a huge problem when interviewing or trying to form workplace relationships. Different cultures value different things in a career-minded person, too. Speaking broadly, the west tends to value ambition and self-promotion while in the east shared responsibility is much higher valued, for instance.

Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country

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Know the people you’ll need

There’s an axiom that goes “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Moving to a new country will put you at a disadvantage in terms of the connections that can help you build experience and find a job. If you’re educating in the country you want to work, then college can be one of the best times to build a network. Otherwise, keep an eye out for any local events bringing the heads of the industry you want to work in together.

Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country

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Stay immersed

Culture is ever updating and if you try to rise through the ranks with an outdated understanding of it, you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage. It’s crucial to immerse yourself in local culture as much as possible as this article suggests. Get an idea of the zeitgeist, learning the priorities, desires, and fears of different demographics in the society. That, in turn, can translate into good business sense.

Finding Your Career Path In Your New Country

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Keep updated

Your knowledge of the culture isn’t the only thing you need to update. Your skills and the qualifications and certifications you have earned may not translate from country to country with ease. You might need to invest some time and money proving yourself once again. Especially in any industries that require you to be certified and insured to work in them. As a lot of career searching is done online, it’s a good idea to make your online presence more relevant to the country you’re in, as well.

It takes a lot of time and work to acclimate to a career in a new land, but it’s far from impossible. The path has been tread many times before you, so you have every chance so long as you prepare with the tips above.

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