Famous Logos in Past and Future – Interesting Change


Today we are going to share history and some future predictions of famous logos. As we all know that logo is use to represent a company. And to create a fantastic logo, designer should require hard work and knowledge about new trends in design. Most logos convey a message or communicate the idea, it shows that what kind of work is company doing and what kind of services they are providing. Mostly logos are simple but unique, so people can understand what it is representing.

Many popular companies has redesigned their logo in last 2 years. As we all know that new thing always bring new hopes and more progress so the change in identity can help the companies too boost up their progress. Many companies change their logos or stationary yearly, but most companies like Coca Cola is using same logo from many years.

In today’s article we are going to share some old identities of some famous companies and also current logos. Also author of these images has added future logos, he predicted about the logos in really fun way.
So this post is all about the changes in these famous logos. I hope you will find this post really interesting and funny.
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Famous Logos in Past and Future


Famous logos

KFC turns to KFB (Kentucky Fried Broccoli)

Famous logos


Famous logos

Shell will switch from fossil to solar energy

Famous logos


Famous logos

Internet Explorer

Famous logos


Famous logos


Famous logos


famous logos


famous logos
Author claimed that he predicted the new MS logo before they launched it.


famous logos


famous logos

Starbucks by Felipe Torres

famous logos


famous logos


famous logos




famous logos


famous logos

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  1. Chris Prescott says

    I love retro designed logo, the predictions are funny, I bet it’s probably how it’s going to be!

  2. Ghulam Mustafa says

    nice thought,s well done

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