Expert Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Business Website


The most important part of any website creation process is the content. It’s the copy that your users will read, and the information they will consume, on a daily basis.

Hopefully, anyway.

To get your readers hooked, you’ll need to produce thoughtful, original, witty content that people want to share. Google’s own search algorithms even prioritise this kind of attention to detail, so it’s not to be neglected.

But for businesses who may have a lot on their plate already, how can they devote time to this task? How easy is it to get stellar copy across every inch of your website? The following post is dedicated to that question – here are several copywriting tips to help polish your writing game.

Expert Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Business Website

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Tip 1: Proofread, and proofread some more

After you’ve read through your copy once, get someone else to do it a second time. Different people read things differently to others, and some sentences may not come across as you intended.

Getting a second opinion can also help you identify any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you’ve written a lengthy article, it can leave you tired, unable to spot simple errors. A fresh pair of eyes can counteract this effect.

Tip 2: Work with a copywriting company

Expert Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Business Website


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At the top of the article, we mentioned that businesses may struggle to find the necessary time to devote to perfect writing. Fortunately, in today’s world, they don’t have to.

Companies can enlist the help of teams that specialise in SEO copywriting, which saves time and ensures the job is done right. Of course, you’ll have to work with the team and tell them what kind of content you’d like, but for the most part you can sit back and relax.

Tip 3: Read other websites

Competition breeds creativity, and that’s true in any sector. For your company’s website, it means you should browse other similar sites and check out their structure.

Observe their use of images and videos, and see how small they make their paragraphs. You might just learn a trick or two.

Tip 4: Paragraphs

Expert Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Business Website

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Speaking of paragraphs, they shouldn’t be any longer than two or three lines – four at a push. This helps keep your content snappy, and makes it flow better for the reader.

Of course, if your website has a small amount of space, then dozens of white gaps won’t be an option. Just try to balance your use of paragraphs with the layout of your site.

Tip 5: Use simple language

The easier your copy is to understand, the longer the reader will stick around. That means using as little jargon as possible, and keeping your sentences as plain as possible.

Of course, a bit of personality helps too, but don’t sacrifice readability for humour.

Expert Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Business Website

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Tip 6: Consider post structure

Your copy should have a focus, and each sentence should relate to this focus. Don’t waste any words or sentences on something that doesn’t contribute to the purpose of the post.

By keeping things focused, the reader is more likely to stick around. If they clicked on a link because it said it contained copywriting tips, and the post didn’t, the reader would be angered.

And that’s your lot! Got any writing tips that we missed? Let us know using the comments form below!

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