So, You Dropped Your iPhone in the Bath? Don’t Panic!



Last September, Apple released its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both devices are dustproof and water-resistant. The water-resistance of these latest iPhones means that they’ll survive up to 30 minutes in water that’s less than a metre deep. Despite this, however, liquid damage isn’t covered by the device’s warranties, so you should still take care. All earlier iPhone models are still decidedly un-water-resistant, so if you get yours wet, your best bet may be to send if off to an Apple mail in repair service to be fixed. You can always try a few DIY fixes first, though.

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What to do with a dunked iPhone

First of all, don’t try to use the phone, even to see if it’s still working. Power it down, remove the SIM then dry it with a clean towel. Gently shake it, too, to get rid of any water from the ports, then you can try the rice fix.

The bowl of rice fix

Dry rice has an amazing ability to absorb water – just think about how much each grain swells up when it’s cooking. So, pour some dry rice into a deep bowl to halfway, place your iPhone on top of this layer of rice, then pour some more over it to completely submerge it. You then need to put it away for 24 hours.

Once the 24 hours is up, you should take the phone out of the rice, re-insert your SIM and see if the phone will power back up. Don’t despair if it doesn’t turn back on immediately; just place it back in the rice for another 24 hours then give it another go. Realistically, if it’s still not playing ball after the third attempt, it’s probably game over.

The airing cupboard fix

If your house has an airing cupboard, you could try leaving your iPhone in there for a couple of days instead. Remove any laundry that’s drying in there beforehand, though, as you want a warm and dry environment. Warm is important; you don’t want warmer than warm, as in hot! Excessive heat can simply make the water steam up and get into all the places it hadn’t got into already. A nice gentle warmth is all you need.

The silica gel fix

This stuff is genius! If you’re at all smart, every time you buy new shoes and clothes, you’ll collect those cute little sachets of silica gel for future use. These little pearls’ sole purpose in life is to snatch water from the air, so wrap up your poorly iPhone along with a few of these tiny bags and wait a day or two.

What not to do

Write your iPhone off immediately and bin it – it deserves a chance, right?

Put your iPhone in your tumble drier (you’d be surprised…), even if it’s inside a cushion or pillow case.

Put it onto a hot radiator.

Blast it with a hair dryer.

Be honest with repair staff

The ports in your iPhone have water detectors, so repair peeps will be able to spot water damage. Anyone can drop their phone into a puddle, or the bath, or even the toilet, so ‘fess up and hope for the best. It sometimes helps your cause if you have an interesting story behind the accident, too.

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