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Design Tools for Reaching the Social Web


As a designer, reaching out via social media is becoming an important part of the overall website creation process. If you find yourself looking to start a new web endeavor, there are a few simple tools you simply won’t want to be without. Using these social media tools, you will able to develop a sophisticated web destination that users will be begging to interact with. Of course, this will lead to more traffic over the course of the long haul, along with improved reader faithfulness. Read on to determine which of these tools might be the right fit for you.


If you are used to incorporating social media principles within your websites, you will be well accustomed to placing icons for the relevant networks on your sites. Of course, finding the perfect icon can take some time. Instead of continually wasting your time in this manner, turn to IconFinder. This simple tool has lots of icons for all of the major networks, cutting down the time you will need to spend finding the right image for your site.


Struggling to figure out how best your site should be established to court social traffic? Enter MockFlow. This powerful tool allows you to sketch out how the site will look to a new visitor, working to pinpoint any issues that could potentially arise within the design. This will keep the overall aesthetic neat and clean and help visitors to understand what your site is all about.

Campaign Monitor

If you are still reaching out to readers via email, Campaign Monitor is an indispensable tool. Many web content creators spin new content and send it out via email messages, but have no idea just how effective their campaign. Furthermore, finding the right tools to reach those people in the right way can be a major challenge. Campaign Monitor takes away the headache and allows users to easily and quickly interact with all of their email contacts.


For those looking to accept social payments, there simply is none better than Freshbooks. This powerful tools is a great way for designers and freelancers alike to keep track of their accounts and work with clients to get funds dispersed. It can also be used to monitor expenses. Because it all managed via the web, it is easy to send out the necessary invoicing to clients with the simple click of a button.

Design Communities

Looking to network with others in the design industry? If this sounds right up your alley, you won’t want to look any farther than some of design communities availabe.  Providing the perfect environment for designers eager to get ideas and connect with others in the social sphere, Society6 and Creattica serve as both inspiration and a practical way to communicate with those who are implementing social strategies on their own web destinations. Design Taxi is another perfect solution for the designer hoping to coordinate with others and find a plan that will work for his or her site.


Pixlr is a service for photo editing, which is supplied in different variations. There are two main options: primary photo editor and retro vintage effects. As often happens in the programs of this kind, the user can upload from a PC or MAC or choose URL or an online library. The editor has a standard functional such as eyedropper, pencil, brush, magnifying glass, and a lasso. Users can also to deal with unwanted red eye effect and select different color from the color palette.


TextMate it is a cheaper alternative to Dreamweaver. As you probably guessed it is another text editor that especially good if you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously. Another peculiarity of this program is that it remains exclusive for the Mac.


Filezilla is open source FTP solution which provides a both a client and a server. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. I also It supports SFTP, FTP, and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS). As most of the designer says Filezilla is the best solution to such kind of issues.

Using the web to connect with social users can lead to incredible results for the designer. Unfortunately, it comes with its own unique challenges that can be detrimental. In order to avoid these obstacles and keep the entire process streamlined, you can easily implement these great tools. In addition to allowing the web destination to truly shine, these tools will also help the author stay connected and keep his or her website at the forefront of the social web. By using these different options, you will be certain to have your site courting the best traffic available.

  1. iDream Design says

    Nail on the head with the icon finder, spend so much time looking for an icon, I could have created one from scratch.

    Regarding Filezilla, why use anything else I say.

  2. zakas says

    good choice

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