Creative Marketing Methods That You Haven’t Thought About!


Creative Marketing Methods That You Haven't Thought About!


Being a business that is skilled in all areas of marketing is essential. But have you covered all the bases when it comes to a complete plan of attack? Do you think you have your online marketing strategy covered? If so, what about all the other platforms? No? Then maybe you should have a look at a couple of ways that businesses are doing to get heard.

Make Your Business A Mobile Phone App

Mobile phone coverage is only getting more and more total across the world. It’s becoming the most exclusive way to communicate. Some people would rather text each other across a room than talk to each other. But with the increased amount of instant messenger apps, texts, and apps that people continuously stare at, there is a way to get your business to these people. People now spend more than two hours a day looking at their phones. So creating an app that links to your product in some way will be an excellent communication method. Many apps have adverts on the screen. So if you can get your product advertised on an app that is used all over the world it will guarantee more people see your business than ever before. So make sure that your ad stands out and doesn’t make people want to swipe it away. Our subconscious mind can record every text and image that it sees, so make it count!

Make Some Souvenirs Out Of Your Business Logo

Yes, it sounds a little silly. But having your business logo on items like badges, mugs or keyrings is a lovely little trinket for you to be on. As these are items that people use every single day, it is a no-brainer to get on these. If you are a small business, you can easily pay to have some items made up for a good price.

Make A Podcast For Broadcast

The access you have to millions of people through a simple podcast is one you need to take advantage of. There are different ways to get yourself heard. You can be a guest on someone else’s podcast discussing your business, or you can record one yourself. You could discuss anything you feel relevant to your business ethos. From examining market trends on tin, to helping out novice business leaders adapt’s marketing strategy template for their products. If you have a podcast and its subject matter is enough to warrant enough listeners, you can get sponsors. Or better yet, you could sponsor a podcast yourself. As the podcast host would have to endorse your business or product during the show actively, this is an improvement over the traditional adverts that people can skip over.

Make A Video For YouTube

With sites like Vimeo and YouTube, getting the product out there has never been easier. With those that have become overnight sensations, this is something to take advantage of. You could create your content too. But make sure it’s in keeping with your product style. Just don’t bother putting your cat on there, everyone has already done that!

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