Creating A More Comfortable Interior


We all want a home that we can be proud of, but sometimes all the pictures of gorgeous modern interiors we’re exposed to can lead to us putting too much emphasis on the wrong things. Sure, it can feel great to have a home that’s objectively beautiful, but if we focus all our attention on the aesthetics, the actual comfort of our homes can begin to suffer. If you know that you’ve put too much energy into the visual elements of your home, and not enough into the more practical side, here’s some of our best advice for creating a more comfortable home…

Make your Entryway Inviting

Creating A More Comfortable Interior

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Good curb appeal can have a major impact on how inviting and comfortable your home feels to you and your guests. You don’t need to splash out on a completely new door, but a thorough clean of your porch and a nice, tasteful welcome mat can do wonders. Most people are suckers for cute, homey signs by the front door or in the hall as well. A nice, big, leafy pot plant just inside your front door can also make your entryway much more inviting if you’ve got the space.

Don’t Make Sitting Down a Puzzle!

You and your family may not mind moving a chair or another piece of furniture out of the way, but guests will find it hard to get comfortable in a space if they don’t know how to traverse it. If you have a smaller home, you need to be especially aware of this issue. The idea here is to make moving through any space in your house – getting from the doorway of a given room to a nice cushy seat, completely free of obstacles. Try to avoid placing too much over-sized furniture too close together, and don’t have so many throw pillows that they always end up on the floor and create an irritating obstacle course.

Go Overboard with Plants and Soft Textiles

Having a lot of house plants like the ones from White Flower Farm will breathe life into any space, and make your interior feel like the kind of comfortable, welcoming place where you’d want to spend a lazy afternoon. You may not notice it, but being around plants automatically relieves stress and makes us feel more comfortable. Similarly, soft textiles are a sure-fire way to make any space more inviting and comfortable. Layered plush rugs are generally a smart idea when you’re trying to make a space more comfortable. For your own personal comfort, get some fresh bedding like the down pillows from Plumeria Bay. Aside from that, consider some soft ottomans and entryway benches, and living room furniture that you can really sink into. You may even want to source some artwork that incorporates soft textiles as one more compliment to your interior’s new, cushy style.

Soften Any Straight, Hard Lines

Having too many straight, hard-looking lines, even when it’s part of modern furniture with a lot of firm upholstery, can look very unpleasant, and work against the comforting mien that you’re going for. Tricks such as rounded area rugs or pillows can help a lot, as can tossing a few soft throw blankets over corners in order to break up straight lines. Obviously, your home will end up looking a little surreal and artsy if you get rid of every straight line. However, going around and softening all of them will make the whole home look and feel much more comfortable.

Personalize a Furniture Piece or Two

Like many people who are passionate about their interiors, you may have filled your home with a lot of furniture from popular, famous retailers. True, there’s some gorgeous pieces on the market these days. However, if you go a little overboard and make sure your home is always the height of fashion, you can risk your interior looking more like a showroom than an actual home. Your guests are there to see you, not just your home. With this in mind, you should try to inject a little more personality into your home if there’s a big concentration of popular retail pieces. Some simple furniture hacks or something a little more tricky like upholstering some furniture in a unique, quirky material will bring more of your personality into your space.

Sort Out your Stacks

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Messy stacks of things, like letters, magazines, and so on are all stressful to see and be around, especially when the interior isn’t your own! If you’ve got a lot of haphazardly stacks screwing up the mien of your home, set some time aside for getting these organised. Simply getting a coffee table with an added shelf underneath the main surface can be a miracle cure for disordered stacks.

Make the Space Smell Great

Although this isn’t strictly an interior design tip, the way a home smells can have a huge effect on how relaxed and comfortable it’s possible to feel there. At the very least, you should make sure the space is totally free of any unpleasant smells. As most of your guests will be too polite to mention any bad smells in your home, this may call for the assistance of a close and honest friend. There are a lot of things that can contaminate the smell of a home, and having lived there for years, you might be pretty desensitized to them. After getting rid of these bad smells, you can assure it stays smelling great by adding some fragrant plants around the space for some naturally pleasant scents.

Scatter Some Finishing Touches

Finally, one of the best steps towards creating an interior that really feels like yours is picking some inviting, finishing touches, and scattering these throughout your home. even the smallest of things can make a big difference here. You don’t want to make the space feel too cluttered, but naturally, you’ll stop yourself if it’s getting too much. The more little splashes of your personality you have filling up the shelves and walls of your rooms, the more homely the whole place will feel.

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