10 Excellent Landing Page Design Examples

Landing Page plays the vital role in terms of optimizing conversion rate and maintaining good relation among the visitors. Landing page can be any page; it can either be the home page or products description page or service page.

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30 latest HTML5 and CSS3 web templates

HTML5 and CSS3 web templates can be use to create amazing websites. A good and simple way to access HTML5 and CSS3 is use of nice and attractive web templates. HTML5 and CSS3 web templates also a good step to make the web skill more pleasant and grafting.

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Depositphotos.com- images within every person’s budget

Finding the right image is as important as the work itself, but most of the images that you will find online will either have copyrights or would be royalty based; which means that you can only use them once.

Depositphotos.com is the exception to this sad reality. You can get over 8 million images in various formats; all of which are royalty free. So once you buy an image, you are free to use as long as want to. This opportunity is not only available for people who know English, as the website supports 15 distinct languages, and three more are soon to be introduces. The variety of images also vary from stock photos, to vectors and even illustrations.

In addition to the variety, you can also avail the multiple cheap images plans and prices to make them with the reach of every budget. There are basically two plans:

  • One is a credit based on which you can buy credits ranging from 50 to 1000 credits in price from $50 to $905, for the whole year. Also, if you do not find one that suits your need, you can get a custom plan, with the quantity of credits you want.
  • You can also get one of the pro subscription plans, if you require images almost daily. You can buy a plan for 5 images a day for periods ranging from one month to 12 months. The rates vary from $69 to $649. Although this might vary with the change in the number of photos allowed everyday.

As if packages were not great enough, you can also avail the spring image discounts up to 20%. This means that there are over 500 images that you can use any way you want while saving money. You can use these images in the way you deem fit. A great feature about these images is that it symbolizes different meanings according to the purpose for which they are used. You can use the happy family playing football for vacationing symbol, health or psychology based content.

So amazing images, great deal of support and affordable prices – there is nothing more than one can desire.

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A brochure or a pamphlet is a type of leaflet, it is used to advertise a company or specific product. It contains information about product or service that company is offering to their target audience. Brochures can be distributed by different ways such as by mail, by hand or personally placed somewhere company wants.

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A collection of fine apps and websites tools

Any app or website that saves me time is going to get my approval, and all of those assembled here today do just that. From saving time while searching for web tools to saving time while sending pictures and videos you’ll get tasks done quicker and be on to other things before you know it. As a busy online professional, creative type or blogger there really is a lot to like here so do yourself a favor and click on a few of the links and start saving time today. Who knows; with so much extra time you may just be able to leave work a few minutes early.

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Shopify: All-in-One E-Commerce Software for Online Retailers

To keep costs low, it’s smart to shop around for e-commerce solutions. At the absolute minimum, you’re going to need website hosting, shopping cart software, payment processing software and some way to manage and control your inventory. Shopify is all-in-one e-commerce software that includes all of those features and more.

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12 Excellent Websites to Download Free Stock Photos

Searching for a perfect image to complete your design? Stock websites are best place to find it. Sometimes searching an image is pain of ass and it wastes our precious time and don’t let us to complete our awesome invention.

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Inexpensive & Effective Web Templates by TemplateDelight.com

TemplateDelight provides variety of web templates that every one can use it to create their beautiful website. You can find many categories; there are very beautiful Website Templates on very affordable price.

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15 Nicely Designed Nature Inspired Websites

Grab the attention of target audience in first look is key point in the process of designing a website. For this designers put great attention on website’s accessibility, usability and make the sites more user friendly that help to find the content easily but many visitors prefer to visit the sites only that have good look.

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20 Beautifully Designed Dark Websites for Inspiration

In web design, stunning outcomes can be obtained by using dark color schemes. The use of glow, lighting and proper blended shades can lead to more fantastic and Professional Web Design. However light and nature

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