25 Creative and Funny Photo Manipulation Examples

Photoshop is a magical tool and the photo manipulation is a magical art. Photo manipulations are fun to create, it helps to create your imaginations by mixing photos in a funny and creative way. If you google “photo manipulation” you will find some amazing examples but I am going to add some more photos in this collection just for you.

All images that are featured in this article are the property of the real authors and 92pixels is featuring these images just for the inspiration for readers. So enjoy the amazing collection of funny and creative photo manipulation.

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creative photo manipulation

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Breathtaking Photo Manipulation

photo-manipulation funny

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20 Inspirational Modern Home Interiors from Pinterest

Beauty, class and elegance are influential. People are naturally drawn to exciting visuals, especially when they dream of waking up amongst them every day. This explains why unique home interiors are some of the most popular collections on Pinterest. The best designers are able to create from inspiration and thus instil inspiration in others.

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25 Christmas Poster Design Inspiration 2013

Poster design is a creative way of conveying a message to the people. It is a great way to communicate with the audience.
It is an attractive way to advertise your product or event. For example if you are arranging a Christmas party and you want to invite people, you just need to print some posters and use them to collect people.

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25 Amazing Business Cards Inspiration 2013

Trends in designs are rapidly changing but mostly in print design category people don’t want to change their old fashioned stuff. Sometimes designers change their creativity along with clients thoughts and sometimes designer make their own decisions in designing stuff.

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10 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulation and Retouching Images

Photo manipulation and retouching is a fun way to modify the images to create an illusion that represent a concept. I love Photoshop and I love to do creative stuff in it.

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Business Cards Inspiration for Designers

Every business, whether it is food manufacturing or an electronics business, is imperfect without its Business Cards. Business cards designs are your steps in building the first impression on your customers.

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25 Inspiring Poster Designs for Graphic Designers

Poster Designs are real way to connect your work with the customers. Mostly poster designs convey some sort of message in it. Some posters has more focus on design and shapes; others are loud and take benefit of beautiful use of colors and a few take the period approach adding appealing textures to their designs.

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30 Beautiful Infrared Photography for Inspiration

Infrared photography or IR photography is a special type of photography which uses films and sensors with the help of its infrared light sensitivity; with its help you can bring special effects like false colors in a simple portrait.

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Terrific illustrations of Super Heroes by Simon Delart

Super Heroes are characters having super powers that they use to protect the people. Starting from the super hero Superman in 1938, now we have thousands of super characters in different types of mediums such as comic books, stories, movies, cartoons and drawings. This kind of stuff is a great source of entertainment for people around the world. Specially, our children are most inspired from these imaginary super human and they wished that they have the powers like the super hero they like.

I am going to show some amazing illustrations of super heroes designed by Simon Delart. All these heroes are created from triangles. In this collection you will find super heroes and some game character illustrations as well. I hope you will find this article very interesting similar to my previous articles Robot Animals – Terrific Examples of Photo Manipulation and Amazing Milky Dresses.

Super Heroes & Game Characters



donkey-kong - Super Heroes









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Amazing Collection of Tattoos

In as few last years, many Americans sailors, bikers and sideshow artists tattooed themselves to create a unique identity and to convey a message using tattoos. Many tattoos are used to show the civilization of a society. A tattoo is best way to highlight the tradition of people.

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