Famous Logos in Past and Future – Interesting Change

Today we are going to share history and some future predictions of famous logos. As we all know that logo is use to represent a company. And to create a fantastic logo, designer should require hard work and knowledge about new trends in design. Most logos convey a message or communicate the idea, it shows that what kind of work is company doing and what kind of services they are providing. Mostly logos are simple but unique, so people can understand what it is representing.

Many popular companies has redesigned their logo in last 2 years. As we all know that new thing always bring new hopes and more progress so the change in identity can help the companies too boost up their progress. Many companies change their logos or stationary yearly, but most companies like Coca Cola is using same logo from many years.

In today’s article we are going to share some old identities of some famous companies and also current logos. Also author of these images has added future logos, he predicted about the logos in really fun way.
So this post is all about the changes in these famous logos. I hope you will find this post really interesting and funny.

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Eight & Horizon Corporate Identity by Nick Riley

A good designed identity can make good impression on customers or visitors. The most important part for the company is the logo and then stationary. As a designer, I faced many clients who were not happy with their old logo design and stationary, they all wanted the identity which can represent their company.

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15 Most Creative Logos from GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is one of the best marketplace on internet, you can sell your graphic design items of every category such as logos, flyers, business cards, resumes, stationary, mockups and many more. I am also an author on GraphicRiver and it is helping me to earn money via my design skills.

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20 Amazing and Creative Logo Designs

A well designed logo becomes identity of a company, Apple logo is a really beautiful example of it, we can see their mark on every iPhone, iPad, iPod and every Apple product we see.
So the logo is an important thing for your company.

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Creative Logo Designs by Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath is a wonderful brand designer. He is from (Albuquerque, New Mexico) United States of America. He is also a design director and has site www.3advertising.com. His main focus is on art direction, branding and design. Today we are featuring some of his work at 92pixels.com hope you guys like and appreciate on his beautiful work.

Click here for his more inspiring work.

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25 Amazing Logos to Refresh Your Creativity

As every designer know the importance of the logo, he also knows that how tough job is to create a fantastic and unique logo. Designers always want to give his best to customers that’s why they focus on colors, fonts, shapes and images to create a beautiful and unique logos.

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Cobode Brand Mark by Matt Vergotis

Today we are going to share some work of Matt Vergotis.He lives in Gold Coast, Australia. He is a graphic designer, his creative feilds are graphic Design, advertising and branding. You can see his more work at www.vergadvertising.com also you can follow him on twitter @vergadvertising.

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