Catching the Action: Top Tips for Shooting Sporting Events


Perhaps watching sports is as exhilarating as playing it. And one thing even more exhilarating is catching the crucial moments in the sporting event such as the moment when a goal is scored or the moment of victory or the moment of celebration which reminds us all of the regal Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.

In all these instances, what are the things you should look out for? They’re as follows, in no particular order!

Choose the Location Wisely

The closer you’re to the event happening, the closer you can see and capture them. How else would you be able to capture the beautiful ripples created by canoes or for that matter the humongous waves getting created during the surfing event?

Be Different

Why be similar to every other photographer and just shoot pictures of people? Be different and show the live action. Every picture doesn’t have to be the same. For instance, a few years ago, there were some photographers who put a spin to it and got closer to the ground while shooting. This made the pictures very different. However, if you want to start off with the basics, you can still add charm to the most enlivening photos by using professional Adobe Lightroom presets.

Make Good Decisions

You can only do so if you’re familiar with the game. For instance, in basketball, you have the opportunity to take shots of free throws, jump shots, and layups. But that’s possible only if you possess the basic knowledge of the game. If you understand the timings of these actions, you’ll be better able to capture these sights.

Use Slow Shutter

By using the shutter of low speed, you can blur the picture to give it a really cool effect. This is done by Reuters and Getty Images. One awesome example is that of a sports car moving about against a blurry background. This just shows the speed of the car, while lending some uniqueness to the photo.

Be Mindful of Surroundings

Not everything has to be on the court. Some scenes are outside it as well. For example, when the game has started, you can climb up on the highest spot and take a bird’s eye view of the stadium to incorporate each and every element.

Keep the Equipment Handy

Of course, why use a camera if you forgot the batteries at home! Photographers keep their equipment handy just in case they need something promptly. You need to keep the batteries, best-suited lenses, and tripod along with memory cards.

Edit the photographs

Once done, you can edit the photos to make them look even more appealing. As discussed earlier, presets and different techniques further enhance the pictures and increase its quality.

The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got the gist of the game, you must be all pumped up to go to the next sporting event and have probably even more fun as the players there! Just remember to research about the game, go all prepared with equipment and tools, and enjoy. One thing to remember, though: Once you’re done with the job, it doesn’t end there. You can always learn about advanced photography and editing tricks.

Evan Kirby is a creative person who works as a web designer and is also an amateur photographer. He writes about marketing, social media, editing photos and how to create a good website.

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