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Business Is 100% a Numbers Game


Every day, in every single business, numbers are at the forefront. They’re crunched. They’re calculated. They’re counted. They’re checked. They’re coded. They’re charted. Without numbers companies can’t go about their business. And because the world of business is such a numbers game, you have to learn to play it.

Business Is 100% a Numbers Game

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As a business owner you have to be 100% with everything that you do. You have to ensure customer satisfaction is 100%.You need to ensure that every piece of business you do behind closed doors is done to a 100% standard. It’s okay to drop below this at points, in fact it’s only natural that that will happen. But if it’s a regular occurrence then it will become a problem. Poor work, even that which is done behind closed doors, radiates into the public facing areas of a business. Customers can always tell the differences between poor and good services. They can even tell the difference between work that was done at 100% and work that was done at 99%. Now, because of everything you, as business owner, have to deal with every day it is very hard to ensure that everything is reaching its full potential. This is why you should look externally for support when needs be. For example, if you are struggling to ensure that the online presence you offer is 100% you should outsource the job to a webmaster. They will deal with ensuring that your online presence is always active. They will make sure that your social media sites are doing everything they should be. In today’s world it is vital that your online presence is 100% active, and delegating this job to a webmaster will mean this is always achievable.

You also need to ensure the work you do is always 100%. As a business owner you automatically take it upon yourself to ensure that every job you do is optimised. Now, this proves obvious difficulties as some jobs take specific knowledge and sometimes even specific qualifications. But what’s stopping you from gaining that knowledge and those qualifications yourself? If there is an area in your business that you frequently have to dip your toe into you should educate yourself in it as much as possible. For example, if you work closely with your accountant then why not take an Accounting degree? That way you can be 100% sure you are doing everything relating to your PAYE procedures, VAT and tax 100% correctly. The best thing of all? You can even take these types of degrees online. The Accounting degrees run by the UAB Online School of Business, for instance, are taken 100% online. This means you can educate yourself in the field whilst still being able to dedicate 100% of your time during your working hours to your business. This online offer will mean there is a 100% chance of you never regretting taking this kind of degree.

You need to make sure that you, and those you delegate jobs to, are working to optimise every job in your business fully. Business is 100% a numbers game. So learn to win at it.

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