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Brighten Your Business Up For Colleague Success


As a business owner you are likely always trying to get the best out of your colleagues. It isn’t a simple task, some will be far easier to work whereas others will just do the bare minimum to get by. It is an issue because you’ll want to increase colleague productivity to get the best out of your business and stop it failing. If you are paying people to do a sub par job then the issue of a failed business really is real. Yet, there are a multitude of ways you can increase productivity and brighten your business up to give your colleagues the injection of motivation they and indeed you need to keep your business running.

Spruce Up The Furnishings

Sick of the same old furniture in your office? Well if you are then your workforce most certainly are. If they have to sit at dated desks and chairs that just don’t offer the correct comfort then they aren’t going to be happy. The dated furniture will be reflected in their moods. So get some new furniture. Sitting at a sleek desk or a super comfortable chair means you workforce will be thinking about work and not about how bad their back and shoulders hurt or about the rickety desk they’re sitting at. You can find some furniture for your place at Arnold’s Office Furniture.

Brighten Your Business Up For Colleague Success



Are the walls a drab grey? Try a different colour or design. Ask your colleagues what they want so they feel like they’re involved in the decision making process. It may not just be a simple colour on the wall but instead a myriad of patterns and designs. The brighter the better. Go for pictures too, arty pictures are find but pictures of people in the office are also a good idea. Pictures of good times had together. The happiness radiating from these will be reflected in the general mood of the office.

Break Room

The break room is key to the happiness of the colleagues in any business. It gives them a break away from the usual working area and a few minutes to recharge before starting again. If they don’t feel recharged then their productivity will dip. Try putting in a games table like foosball or snooker. Something to totally take their mind off work. A TV set is a good idea too. The design of the break room should differ from that of the main workplace, to give a sense of differentiation.

New IT Systems

There is nothing more offputting than dodgy IT systems. If you have bad internet then call your provider and try to compare other deals to get the fastest internet at the lowest price. Slow internet can kill productivity, so if it is ramped up your colleagues will surely appreciate it. The same applies to the hardware. If you use older computers that run software slowly it can be extremely frustrating. It is pricey to upgrade your systems, but to keep up with competitors it is something you certainly need to do.

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