Best Websites to Submit your Design News


A little secret about the traffic is to submit your links or design news to popular websites. Instead of waiting traffic from search engines, the referring sites are best traffic source. You will get highly response from other websites in the form of traffic. It will give you new visitors, readers and twitter followers and also sometimes they click on ads.
So here is the list of popular website to submit your design news. Feel free to tweet about this to others and don’t forget to follow us on twitter.



PS Deluxe


Instant Shift

Design your way

Desizn Tech

Dev Snippets

Design Modo









Here is the quick list of Design news

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  1. reifentyres says

    Hello,i found your site through search,yours site is excellent and a nice website… 
    The contents are nice & will grow higher in future…

  2. Wijdan Rohail says

    Can you add our Blog PR 6 also here, and also new site in the list?

  3. Sasa1975sasa says

     You can also submit your design news here:

  4. ales says


    We are also now accepting community news submissions:

    Thank you.

  5. Paul says


    Which one of these do you see the most traffic from?

    1. Arslan says

      Personally I am using Designrfix, Abduzeedu, instashift and designyourway. The top one I recommend is because they also share design news with their fans and when they hit the link they visit our site 🙂
      Try all and I have seen some of these websites has closed the news section. so I am updating the list soon

  6. Alex Sanckoa says

    Very nice collectio you can also submit your web design news here:

  7. Ahmad says

    Nice list thanks for sharing

  8. canndy girl says

    Great post.

  9. Kermit Hodnefield says

    I have submit my website 🙂

  10. timi says

    Really good post!

  11. Designsmag says

    Beautiful sites

    I think you forgot to put my site also. waiting to be in the list. :

  12. W3 Promoter says

    I really like this post. My website is http:/// and people can submit their news and i am promoting them free of cost 🙂

  13. Hypesol says

    Hi… this is great. i know most of sites from these which are useful for design news readers. with Page rank 4 launched for Blog promoters and there are only 10 votes needed to come on Front page.

  14. Dzinepress says

    helping resources you sharing, you may also add some other too in next version:


  15. designfollow says

    Beautiful sites

    I think you forgot to put my site also :

    1. Arslan says

      Yes, I forgot to add it, Thanks for posting the link here.

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