The Best Marketing Practices For Any Estate Agency


If you’ve been in the property industry for long enough, then you’ll know it’s centred around sales and marketing. The future of your business is going to hinge on your ability to convince people that this is the home they want. Of course, an estate agent’s success goes far past walking around a house and pointing out its best features. If you’re struggling to keep business coming in, here are some great marketing tips for estate agents.

The Best Marketing Practices For Any Estate Agency

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First of all, make sure you and all your staff are understanding and reacting to trends on social media and big news stories. Whether you love or hate it, social media is inescapable when it comes to modern marketing. When it comes to your content marketing, social media is going to be one of your most powerful tools for getting fresh topics. Facebook and Twitter are overflowing with trending topics, and these are a great way to get seen by your target market. If there’s anything popping up in the news which is related to the property market, try enhancing your website’s blog by exploring this story more, and examining it from different angles. Alternatively, you could create some video content where you discuss what this news will mean for your local area.

Another great marketing ploy for estate agents is creating and distributing a survey. This will not only give you a range of opinions on which to base your content, but will also give you a lot of insight into how your client base feel about the current property market. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how valuable this information can be! With all this material for news posts, you’ll be able to fit in a lot of backlinks, and establish yourself as a real expert on property issues in your area. Drafting an effective survey and getting it out there may sound like a big hassle, but with today’s technology it’s easier than ever. Visit a reputable survey service, and see what they can do for you.

Finally, make sure you’re throwing some print media into the mix. In some industries, using print marketing is close to pointless, as digital techniques have steadily taken over. In some niches though, it’s still a highly valued nuance, and property is one of them. Source some professional estate agency leaflet design, along with mail fliers and magazine ads. As digital advertising has become more and more accessible, it’s begun to lose its value. With some professionally made print materials though, you’ll be able to give your estate agency a potent air of professionalism which you’d be missing out on otherwise. Now, while it has its benefits, I’m not suggesting that you discount digital marketing altogether. A business in 2016 with no website won’t be able to survive for long! However, a good balance of print and digital media will be much stronger than digital marketing by itself.

If you’re struggling to attract new clients, then I hope this advice will help get your estate agency back on track!

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