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30 Beautiful Infrared Photography for Inspiration


Infrared photography or IR photography is a special type of photography which uses films and sensors with the help of its infrared light sensitivity; with its help you can bring special effects like false colors in a simple portrait.

Infrared photography has offered the photographers an entirely new dimension to the field. The spectrum is referred to as near-infrared to distinguish it from far-infrared, which is a part of thermal imaging. To visible light the film is usually sensitive; to sustain it an infrared-passing filter is used. The wavelength in the infrared photography is also longer than the visible light, which helps to obtain a clearer image and also it never delivers a black and white image until the photographer intend to.

There are two types of infrared photography popularized: Analog and Digital. Though digital photography and HDR are ruling the market but we cannot ignore the importance of IR photography. To take snaps in a dark room or to capture wildlife at night this is the best possible way for many photography pundits. I have collected a bunch of infrared photographs for this article for more convenience to get familiar with the topic.

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Beautiful Infrared Photography for your Inspiration

 On the Rocks

beautiful infrared photography 01

 Mount Bromo

beautiful-infra-red-photography 02

 Morning Reflections Infrared Photography

beautiful-infra-red-photography 03

Łazienki Palace

beautiful-infra-red-photography 04

 Infrared in Blue

beautiful-infra-red-photography 05

 Arbre Infrarouge

beautiful-infra-red-photography 06

Alone in the Blue

beautiful-infra-red-photography 07

Silver lake

beautiful-infra-red-photography 08


beautiful-infra-red-photography 09


beautiful-infra-red-photography 10

Spring Snow Infrared Photography

beautiful-infra-red-photography 11

The Red Weed

beautiful infrared photography 12

A Long Way

beautiful-infra-red-photography 13

 Hide Park

beautiful-infra-red-photography 14


beautiful infrared photography 15

 Bowing Trees

This amazing infrared photography is done close to Zingst (Germany).
beautiful-infra-red-photography 16


beautiful-infra-red-photography 17

 Verdun sur Garonne

beautiful infrared photography 18

 Running Free

This shot is a beautiful example of infrared photography.
beautiful-infra-red-photography 19

 Irati Memories

beautiful-infra-red-photography 20

 Road to Heaven

beautiful-infra-red-photography 21

 Power in paradise

beautiful-infra-red-photography 22


beautiful infra red photography 23

 Forest Contemplation

beautiful-infra-red-photography 24

 Fantasy World

beautiful-infra-red-photography 25


beautiful-infra-red-photography 26

 Road to Heaven II Photography

beautiful-infra-red-photography 27

 Infra Red Gate

beautiful-infra-red-photography 28

 IR Falmer

beautiful-infra-red-photography 29

 Dike path

beautiful-infra-red-photography 30

Janice Noel is a web design enthusiast with keen interest in Photography. All these amazing examples of infrared photography is her favorite collection. She also likes to collect HD wallpapers for herself. For this she visits a great resource to free download HD wallpapers.

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