How to Avoid a Tech Apocalypse in the Workplace


Technology is so vital to modern businesses. This is surely a cause for despair for many people. Such a reliance on technology is what sci-fi authors have been warning us about for decades, now. Well, whatever the implications may be, we’ve made technology the lifeblood of business. Sorry about that, luddites!

Of course, as you probably know, getting all that technology for your business wasn’t cheap. That’s why it’s vital that you keep your technology protected from the various threats surrounding it. If you want to prevent the technology in your office suffering an irreparable apocalypse, follow these steps.

How to Avoid a Tech Apocalypse in the Workplace


Have good IT support from the off

It’s always best to be as prepared as possible for disaster. You should have a number ready or, better yet, be signed up with a service already. The quicker you resolve a problem, the more efficient your tech is going to be in the long run. Companies like Continuous can provide IT support that is tailored to the precise manner in which you use your technology.

Keep your computers up-to-date

When you have an office filled with computers, this can seem like a truly formidable task. But it’s one that has to be done. If you’re allowing your computers to fall behind, then your employees are going to be seeing some serious slowdown before long. Both the software and hardware of your machines should be updated wherever possible. Things like storage, memory and graphics cards can all be kept up-to-date.

How to Avoid a Tech Apocalypse in the Workplace


Don’t skimp on Internet security

It’s so tempting to do away with bothering with Internet security at all. But, y’know, don’t. Viruses and other malware can do just as much damage to your computer as a firmly-swung baseball bat. The sort of IT support services we referred to earlier should be able to help you in this area, too.

Don’t skimp on physical office security, either!

In the world of modern business, we speak a lot about the more abstract crimes. Data theft, viruses, that sort of thing. Sometimes we forget that there are criminals out there who might be willing to actually steal our property outright! Take as many reasonable preventative measures as you can.

How to Avoid a Tech Apocalypse in the Workplace


Consider educating your employees

It’s unlikely you’re going to have employees that are completely useless when it comes to computers. But let’s face it: the best people for the job aren’t always going to be tech wizards. Of course, if you introduce new tech to the office then you may find yourself with an entire office full of employees who are clueless! If any specific equipment training would help them, then look into it. And online computer science courses never hurt anyone.

How to Avoid a Tech Apocalypse in the Workplace


Avoid old-fashioned clumsiness

Imagine that, after all these hi-tech means of protecting your tech, your most prized piece of equipment was ruined by spillage. It would be a little amusing, although the laughs would probably only come a few months down the line. In the moment, it’s an embarrassing disaster. The solution isn’t to ban employee from those much-needed coffees at their desks. Just make sure they know to be careful with their drinks!

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